Acupuncturist Edmonton

When traditional treatments fall short or when you’re looking for an alternative method to supplement your healthcare, our certified Acupuncturist offers a solution steeped in thousands of years of wisdom and expertise. At In Step Physical Therapy, we go beyond mere symptom management; we aim for holistic well-being.

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The Professional Behind the Needles

Our acupuncture therapist Edmonton, is a highly trained and experienced professional, committed to addressing not just the symptom but the underlying cause of your discomfort. With a patient-centred approach, our expert tailors each treatment plan to meet individual needs, setting us apart in the realm of alternative medicine.

Expertise Rooted in Empathy

In Step Physical Therapy’s acupuncturist specializes in integrating acupuncture with other forms of physical therapy. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that each patient benefits from a rounded therapeutic experience, addressing issues from multiple angles for more effective relief.

Our Acupuncturist’s Approach

Comprehensive Consultations

Before beginning any treatment, our acupuncture therapist Edmonton, spends time understanding your health history, current symptoms, and wellness goals. This detailed consultation helps tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Proven Techniques

We employ a blend of traditional acupuncture methods and cutting-edge technology to deliver treatments that are both safe and effective.  Our approaches aim to restore balance and flow in the body, aiding in the healing processes and alleviating chronic discomfort.

Emotional and Physical Balance

Acupuncture doesn’t just alleviate physical symptoms; it has been shown to help balance emotional states, reducing stress and anxiety. Our acupuncturist Edmonton, understands the intricate balance between emotional and physical well-being and is skilled in treating both.

Zihao Wang


Acupuncturist Edmonton

When you step into Zihao Wang’s treatment room at In Step Physical Therapy, you’re entering a sanctuary for holistic healing. Known as Albert, he’s a Doctor of Acupuncture rooted in a family legacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Albert excels in the intricate art of acupuncture, is adept at cupping techniques, and is skilled in time-honoured practices like moxibustion and ear seed treatments.

Albert believes in the art and science of healing in all its multifaceted glory. For him, acupuncture isn’t just a procedure—it’s a deeply personal, soul-touching experience. Imagine an acupuncturist who listens to not just your words but also tunes into the unspoken energy of your body. His skills go beyond mere technicalities; he understands the emotional and spiritual riddles that your body poses and aims to unravel them in the quest for your well-being.What sets Albert apart in the landscape of acupuncture therapists is his dedication to crafting personalized treatment plans. No two bodies are alike, and Albert honours this by listening carefully to your concerns and questions and treating you as the unique individual you are. He employs a curated blend of techniques specifically designed to awaken your body’s own healing powers. Why settle for routine when you can experience the extraordinary? With Albert at In Step Physical Therapy, your journey to health becomes a voyage of self-discovery and profound healing.

Are You a Good Candidate for Acupuncture?

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, sleep issues, stress, or a host of other problems that conventional medicine hasn’t solved, you may benefit from consulting our Acupuncturist. Reach out to us at In Step Physical Therapy to book your initial consultation and take the first step toward a balanced, healthier you.

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