Arthritis Physiotherapy Downtown Edmonton

Arthritis Physiotherapy Downtown Edmonton

You don’t have to be limited by arthritis– We can use physiotherapy to Provide You Relief

Did You Know Physiotherapy Could Naturally Relieve Arthritic Aches and Pains?

Do you have arthritis, degenerative disk disease, or degenerative joint disease? All of these phrases are used interchangeably to refer to the same item.

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But don’t worry, they sound scarier than they are. Said, age-related changes in our joints are natural and should not be treated differently from age-related changes in our skin or hair. Imagine if we referred to grey hair as degenerative hair illness or wrinkles as degenerative skin disease. Would we be wandering about with our heads down and our faces contorted in agony?

Arthritis is a normal condition that can be aided and handled.

Let our physiotherapists assist you if you have difficulty getting out of bed and chair. We provide arthritis physiotherapy in Edmonton, arthritis is a common disorder with a high hereditary propensity that most individuals develop to some degree; yet, many people suffer from painful joints for far too long before seeking care, while others are entirely pain-free. That person maybe you.

If you live in Edmonton or any of the nearby communities and you are suffering from arthritis, contact us to book an appointment today. 

Physiotherapy care for arthritis relief

Arthritis Physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton can assist you by restoring normal joint mobility, strengthening supporting muscles, and improving how you walk, run, bend, and move. Our therapies have a treatment plan for your unique needs to help you heal faster and have a more lasting cure. In Step Physical Therapy therapist will also educate you on avoiding future joint pain and stiffness and what you can do personally with the proper therapeutic exercises.

If you have arthritic pain and stiffness or suspect you have, you might benefit immensely from arthritis physiotherapy in Edmonton provided by In Step Physical Therapy. These therapies can even save you from undergoing surgery, drugs, or injections in many circumstances

What are risk factors of arthritis:

  • Family history – arthritis can also be genetic or hereditary due to environmental causes.
  • Age – Arthritis pain and symptoms are observed to worsen with age.
  • Earlier joint injury — those who have had a joint injury, most commonly due to a sport, are more prone to develop arthritis in that joint. As an example: The most prevalent are knee arthritis caused by a poor landing on the ground during basketball, long jump, and other sports.
  • Obesity – Excess body weight exerts strain on the joints, one of the leading causes of arthritis. Obesity is the most prevalent cause of arthritic knee.

What does In Step Physical Therapy do to arthritics patients 

At In Step Physical Therapy will analyze your joints and other sources of stiffness and discomfort and Perform Rehabilitation, and we will determine which exercises will be effective in giving long-term pain relief and mobility to simplify your daily tasks. In addition, we will provide you with the information you need to prevent future arthritis-related pain and stiffness.

If you have arthritis or noticing symptoms of arthritis, call In Step Physical Therapy for Rehabilitation now to book an appointment.

What type of arthritis do you have?

Arthritis affects one out of every five Canadians, according to the Arthritis Society of Canada. There are several types of arthritis and is a potentially fatal disorder. Among them are the following:

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Edmonton

Rheumatoid arthritis, commonly known as “inflammatory arthritis,” is prevalent but less well-understood. It manifests as an autoimmune reaction, which means that the immune system perceives the joints as a threat and proceeds to attack them.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, and it is typical to affect the same joints on opposite body sides. It is also more in girls than in males. Researchers believe that medical history, environment, and hormones can also develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritic patients often complain of joint pain after extended sitting, standing, or inactivity. The pain might worsen when you move, such as bending your knees. While moving, you may hear popping or clicking sounds in the afflicted joint(s), and the joint may be sensitive or painful to touch. Arthritis can also create discomfort when you exercise or work, and the pain may subside once you stop doing the activity. We provide Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Edmonton and have helped multiple local patients with their arthritis conditions.

Physiotherapy Modalities in curing Rheumatoid Arthritis

This form of treatment approach are crucial methods in treating rheumatoid:

  • Hot/cold applications– Hot/cold treatment is utilized in acute and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Cold packs are often used in patients suffering from acute illnesses, whereas heat treatment is used in chronic RA patients. Hot packs are often used for 10-20 minutes once or twice a day. Cold packs, ice, nitrogen spray, and cryotherapy are all application techniques for cold treatment.
  • Electrical Stimulation: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the most frequent electrotherapy used to treat RA is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). According to studies, individuals have decreased pain after receiving TENS treatment once a week for about a month.
  • Hydrotherapy-When patients receive hydrotherapy at regular intervals; they experience alleviation from RA. This strategy offers palliative care for both acute and chronic diseases.


Osteoarthritis is the most kind of arthritis. The majority of people will acquire it, although the degree to which it causes joint discomfort will vary from person to person. It is considered that arthritis occurs when the joint’s cartilage wears down due to overuse. 

Our therapists at downtown Edmonton know that this is not the case; it is, in reality, a natural age-related alteration with a hereditary propensity. Many people with arthritis live their lives without feeling any pain. Our Arthritis treatment in Edmonton can help you save your day by providing you in-depth physical therapies and necessary maneuvers to treat your arthritis.

Various modalities of In Step Physical Therapy  utilized for treating osteoarthritis :

  • Best Physical therapy Exercises
  • Providing patients with walking aids
  • Electrotherapy
  • Massages

Our Physiotherapy treatment approaches for Knee Osteoarthritis include:

  • Hydrotherapy is a method of treating arthritis that involves the use of water. Physiotherapists instruct patients on technical activities such as stretching, aerobics, and strength training. Specialized activities are carried out in the water at 33-36 °C.
  • Another alternative is manual treatment, in which physiotherapists utilize hands-on techniques to ease pain and stiffness. This approach has proven to be quite effective in treating knee osteoarthritis.
  • Acupuncture (dry needling) and thermotherapy have also proven significant advantages in pain relief.

Moreso, being overweight increases your chance of getting osteoarthritis by putting more load on your knee and hip joints. However, there is no evidence to support such a claim. We know that being overweight can influence how you experience arthritis-related discomfort in your knee. According to some research, losing 10% of one’s body weight can lessen arthritic knee discomfort by 50%. But don’t overlook the general advantage of building a healthy physique on performance and mood.

Effect of lack of sleep can have on arthritis 

According to research, sleep deprivation lowers an individual’s pain threshold and tolerance. Sleep deprivation can exacerbate arthritis symptoms. This can result in a positive feedback loop in which a patient’s poor sleep worsens arthritis-related pain, which leads to even more insufficient sleep.

The central nervous system (CNS) possesses a pain-control mechanism known as “retarded conditioned pain modulation (CPM); also known as loss of diffuse noxious inhibitory controls. The CPM employs analgesic pathways that stretch from certain brain areas – the cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, and brainstem – to modulate sensory input in the spinal cord. Painful stimuli block pain pathways, resulting in a perceived decrease in pain.  Our Arthritis physiotherapy Edmonton  will help you reduce your pain and make you get back to your regular work with full positivity.

However, according to research, it was discovered that people with arthritis have a much lower CPM than people who do not have arthritis. Furthermore, a decreased CPM is demonstrated to have a deleterious influence on other illnesses such as sadness and anxiety. There is further evidence that lower CPM is linked to sleep disturbance.

This study shed light on the direct effects of sleeplessness on arthritis and other chronic pain problems.

Techniques used by our physiotherapists in handling this condition:

  • Hands-on treatment
  • Exercising for flexibility and strength
  • Training for weight loss

Hip Joint defense strategies: This treatment entails instructing the patient on various joint protection techniques. Patients with arthritis should avoid lifting large weights and engaging in activities with undue strain on the joint. They are also given gait assistance and instructed to wear suitable footwear. Physiotherapists also educate kids on how to maintain proper posture.

Why do I need to exercise with arthritis?

Exercising with arthritis has been demonstrated to improve strength, flexibility, and energy levels and reduce joint discomfort. Maintaining a healthy weight via exercise lessens the strain on the joints.

A well-designed arthritis physical activity program should enhance cardiovascular health, build muscle mass, and decrease adiposity without increasing disease symptoms. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise have been shown in some studies to be effective for arthritis patients, but low-moderate intensity exercises are the safest.

 Body awareness exercises

Tai chi and yoga practices are body awareness exercises that enhance posture and balance. It also aids in developing joint position sensation (proprioception), coordination, and relaxation.

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