In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Asmaa Darwish

Registered Massage Therapist

  • Asmaa Darwish is a dedicated massage therapist based in Edmonton, Alberta. 
  • She obtained her certification from Makami College in 2023.
  • Specializing in therapeutic massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy, her passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness and keen understanding of the human body make her an expert therapist.
  • Asmaa is committed to providing personalized care to each client, tailoring her treatments to address specific concerns and promote relaxation and healing.
  • With her warm and compassionate demeanor, she creates a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for all those who seek her expertise.
  • Asmaa has a luxury suite at In Step Physiotherapy Clinic, where she provides massage therapy in a calm and serene atmosphere.