Strengthening core

Benefits of strengthening the core in today’s world

The core is an important segment of the body. It connects the body’s upper part with its lower part. Whenever you perform a particular activity, like mopping the floor or hitting a tennis ball, the core generates or contributes to the motion required to respond or perform such activity.                                      

Body motion begins either at the upward or downward part of the links chain. In a situation whereby the core muscles are weak or inflexible, it affects the functionality of the legs and arms, as well as the sap power required provided by moves done.

One of the advantages of enhancing your core includes an increase in power. A strong core helps provide stability and balance. Which prevents you from falling or the likelihood of injuries during sporting activities or other physical activities

 Some of the benefits of strengthening the core include;

  • Balance and stability– the body core helps to stabilize the body, which enables you to move from one point to another, stand on a single spot without any sign of imbalance, and so forth. Core exercises can as well be introduced to lower your possibility of falling during physical activities or day-to-day schedules.
  • Occupational tasks- jobs that require frequent twisting, lifting, walking, and standing need a person with strong muscles core. Other occupations that require regular use of computers, phone calls, typing, and more can also cause your muscles to become stiff and sore, especially if you are not healthy to engage in good posture training or not observe sufficient rest.
  • Everyday acts-A strong core supports everyday activities such as sitting on a chair, bending to put on shoes, looking behind you, or standing. If your core is affected, you will feel pain and experience various limitations when performing physical activities.
  • Sports and other physical activities- sporting activities such as tennis, running, swimming, volleyball, golfing, rowing, baseball, biking, and many more require the support of a strong core. In addition, sexual intercourse also requires strong core power to perform well.
  • Good posture- Good posture builds up project confidence and silhouette. At the same time, weak core muscles lead to slouching. If a patient has a good posture, they tend to achieve a lot from exercises they engage in. Also, good posture positions the spine properly, which reduces wear and tear on it as well as aid the breathing process.
  • Healthy back– most people live with back pain due to their daily activities. However, back problems can be effectively prevented through exercises that strengthen the core and maintain balance. When a patient is suffering from back pain, a physical therapist may recommend both in-clinic and in-home exercises to address the pain.
  • Gardening, Housework, and fix-it work– Home activities like mopping, carrying, bending, hammering, twisting, reaching overhead, lifting, dusting all require the support of the core to do.

If your core muscles are tight, weak, or unbalanced, physical therapy regimens can be recommended to Strengthening core them again. As a matter of fact, if you engage in abdominal muscles training without training your back muscles, you are likely to suffer from hip or Back injuries sooner than expected. Our physical therapist will recommend a proper diet that will help lower the body fat as well as aerobic exercise, which will help build strong abdominal muscles and strengthen the core through specific exercise sessions.

Begin your core training today!!!!

If you live in Edmonton or any of the surrounding communities and would love to build up your core to become strong in order to perform various athletic events and other physical activities at ease, contact In Step physical therapy to book an appointment and meet with a core specialist, They will educate you more on the importance of a stronger core before guiding you through the required procedures