Diwakar Karthikeyan | In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Diwakar Karthikeyan

Karthikeyan is a Massage therapist with a great interest in lymphatic drainage. Through extensive research and continued professional development he has developed deeper into the world of lymphatic drainage. He studied Manual lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive therapy from Dr. Vodder School International.

Karthikeyan’s years of experience as a physiotherapist is evident in his approach. He has a keen eye for assessing the client needs and tailored the session to address the specific concerns. His combination of techniques, including manual lymphatic drainage therapeutic touch, and stretching, to release tension, reduce inflammation and promote healing. His knowledge, skills, and compassionate approach will make the session a truly therapeutic and healing experience.

He enjoys outdoor activities and loves to hit the trails and immerse himself in the beauty of nature.