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Are you aware that physical therapy can help relieve headaches? In Step Physical Therapy can provide that care needed!!!

According to research performed in Canada, it was discovered that about 30% of the entire population suffers from various forms of headaches, such as frequent tension or occasional headaches. In fact, globally, headache is the third reported source of pain or discomfort. 


So, if you are currently suffering from a headache, In Step Physical Therapy can help you overcome this condition.

We understand the impact of headaches on patient health; that is why we have this special therapy care to cater to their need and ease their pain. Oftentimes, when a patient experiences headaches, their first option is to go for pain-relieving drugs. For some people, it might ease the pain of this condition and return their life to normal, while for some, it doesn’t improve; rather, their condition gets worst, and they feel much banging in their head. 

Pain-relieving drugs are short-term solutions. In cases whereby your pain or headache continues, these drugs may not be effective in subduing the pain for days. However, a physiotherapy regimen can address acute or chronic headaches effectively. Physical therapy has been known to be a safe, natural, and non-invasive treatment for handling the long-term effects of pain. 

Headaches can exist in different forms and can be caused by different factors.  It has been observed that most patients that suffer from this condition usually experience cervicogenic headaches, which are caused by neck-related issues. This can result from lots of stress, prolonged posture, and other underlying conditions that may develop weakness, strain, injury to the neck joints and muscles. Due to this, pain generated affects the scalp, side of the head, and forehead depending on the region of your neck that is affected. 

Luckily, In Step Physical Therapy has the best physiotherapy regimen in Edmonton. Whether you are looking for physiotherapy near you in Edmonton or live in any surrounding community, we can assist you in relieving your pain. If your head is radiating pain, causing great discomforts, as well as spoiling your everyday activities, our physiotherapist will examine you and develop an effective therapeutic approach that will be adopted to address your condition as fast as possible.  To schedule an appointment, contact us today!!!

What are the major causes of headaches?

There are various causes of headaches, and these can differ from one person to another and also the type of headache. Some of the frequent causes of headache include;

  • Straining eyes 
  • Inadequate sleep 
  • Posture
  • Stress 
  • Overexertion
  • Cervical arthritis 
  • Hormone and oral contraceptives
  • Abnormalities in the neck musculature
  • Lifestyle (drink, alcohol, food, and drugs)

Common forms of headaches 

Whether you have a minor or major headache, getting the necessary care to improve your life quality is essential. Once you feel a headache, do not hesitate to be in touch with us. If you have headaches, you are likely to suffer from one of these forms of headaches which can be treated using a physiotherapy approach. This includes;

  • Cervicogenic headaches

As earlier said, this form of headache is one of the most identified forms of headache. Cervicogenic headaches occur due to underlying neck issues and involve the neck’s top three vertebrae. 

In a case where a patient is suffering from arthritis or a concussion, they are prone to experience this type of headache. Even as a matter of fact, work-related strain can as well develop cervicogenic headaches. So if you engage in an occupation that requires a head or neck position, you are likely to suffer from this condition.

  • Tension headaches

Tension headaches are caused by prolonged posture or repetitive motions in the head and neck. When the dura mater, which is a sensitive membrane located around the brain, is strained, tension headaches occur. However, due to the close proximity between the dura mater and surrounding small muscles at the base of the skull, whenever the dura mater is strained, it causes a spasm to these muscles, then sends a pain signal to the brain later resulting in a headache.  

Some of the symptoms of this form of headache include, 

  • Pressure around the sides, back, and forehead
  • Dull aching head pain 
  • Tenderness in the shoulder, neck, and scalp muscles
  • Sensation of tightness
  • Musculoskeletal headaches

Musculoskeletal headaches happen when there is a lot of tension present in the neck. This is mostly due to physical imbalances, stress, weakness, as well as other factors such as whiplash. When a person experiences a traumatic injury to the neck, it can also cause musculoskeletal headaches. 

Sometimes, other neck injuries can as well be a contributing factor and can affect connective tissues and muscles around the neck to become strained, causing pain sensation from the head, face, shoulder, or neck

Whichever form of headache you may be suffering from, a physical therapy regimen can effectively help relieve pain from your body. If you want to know which one you are experiencing, Contact In Step Physical Therapy to meet with our well-trained licensed physiotherapists in Edmonton today. 

Benefits of physiotherapy in relieving headache

So far, physiotherapy has been very effective in eradicating pain and providing comfort. With physical therapy in our Edmonton facility, we have recorded a significant amount of success. 

If you are suffering from headaches and need a promising long-term solution to ease this condition, physiotherapy can help you achieve your goals.  When you meet with a physiotherapist, they will examine you to identify the cause of your pain as well as other contributing sources to your pain. After this has been discovered, a personalized treatment plan will be designed to help improve your neck and head motion range, posture, as well as relieve tension and pain. 

When you opt for this regimen, your therapist will help you investigate lifestyle triggers, examine your neck and shoulder for any abnormality, address cervical arthritis, as well as provide proper consultation on activities to participate in and how to avoid reoccurrence sooner or later. 

In Step Physical Therapy approach in easing headache or migraine

When you arrive for an initial appointment, the first procedure our physiotherapist adopts is to subject you to a thorough examination. This examination will include a question and answer session relating to medical history, symptoms to identify the type of headache you may be suffering from. 

After a complete examination, your physiotherapist will decide on the therapeutic approach to help address your problem. This will require developing a personalized treatment plan because we believe that every patient with a similar condition may likely not respond to the same treatment plan.   

Some of the treatment approach our therapist use in order to help provide the relief patients need following this assessment outcome include;

  • Massage– massage is a therapeutic technique that your therapist will use to help stimulate soft tissues around the head and neck as well as other upper extremities so as to relieve pain and improve proper circulation around the body.  This can include stroking, frictions, kneading, and deep tissue massage.

If a patient is suffering from any form of headache, this will help reduce the tension generated due to the headache, muscle spasm, and stress.  

  • Mobilization– this is used to help improve restricted joints due to spinal problems. Your physiotherapist will engage you with symptomatic movements in order to relieve pain and improve other functions around the neck. 
  • Stretching exercises– your therapist will adopt this to enhance your exercise training. With provided instruction from them, you will be able to spot affected areas (restricted movement) that may cause pain or limit your flexibility. 
  • Strengthening exercises– Strengthening exercise is used to boost weak muscles and lower the possibility of injury. Weak muscles around the neck and head can be strengthened to make it more efficient as well as enhance other functions.
  • Ergonomic assessment– headache can be developed due to working environment and stress. We administer this to individuals in order to help lower the possibility of workplace injury that can lead to headaches, pain, and other conditions. Your physiotherapist may assess your work site then make recommendations such as replacing ergonomics, decreasing repetitive activities, and more. 

Other approaches we adopt when providing this service include self-management strategies and electrotherapy. Whichever condition you may be experiencing, our Edmonton-based physiotherapist will decide on the best customized therapeutic exercise and modalities to use in order to treat your condition. 

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Whether your headache may be a severe or acute one, getting proper care can enhance your life quality as well as improve your productivity. Here at In Step Physical Therapy, our headache physiotherapy emphasizes improving mobility, strengthening the neck and head muscles, and promoting overall health. 

To get in touch with one of the best physiotherapists in Edmonton, contact In Step Physical Therapy today to book an appointment or make further inquiries about this special type of service we render to victims of this condition. 

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