Mandy Gefle | In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Mandy Gefle

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

  • Mandy Gefle (LHNP, BScN) – Owner of Pura Vida Nutrition, specializes in helping clients who struggle with exhaustion and overwhelm related to chronic stress.
  • Mandy realized her passion for prevention after recovering from postpartum depletion, without the use of pharmaceuticals.
  • Now she draws from her personal experience, and her professional background as a registered nurse and holistic nutrition practitioner, to help others find their path to true health.
  • Mandy has found success in her business by focusing on the benefits of high quality whole food and easy to follow stress management strategies, to promote a balanced lifestyle.
  • She also incorporates a unique approach to help her clients connect more closely to their heart centre, their body and nature, in order to encourage healing at the highest level.