Navigating the Choices: A Guide to Pessary Selection and Fitting in Physiotherapy Practice

Navigating the Choices: A Guide to Pessary Selection and Fitting in Physiotherapy Practice

Navigating your healthcare choices should be an empowering experience, especially when addressing something as important as pelvic floor health. Pessaries offer a ray of hope for those looking for solutions to pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, embodying the perfect blend of innovation and personalization. 

However, the secret to harnessing their full potential doesn’t just lie in choosing the right one and ensuring it fits like a glove. That’s where the expertise of pelvic floor physiotherapy comes into play.

In Edmonton, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community of professionals who guide you through the pessary fitting process with care and precision. This isn’t just about medical treatment; it’s about enhancing your quality of life with a solution tailored just for you. With pessary fitting in Edmonton, you’re not just receiving a service; you’re being introduced to a new chapter of comfort and confidence in your pelvic health journey.

Grasping the Basics: What is a Pessary?

At its core, a pessary is ingeniously designed to provide support where it’s most needed. For individuals not yet aware, pelvic organ prolapse involves the downward movement or protrusion of pelvic organs like the bladder or uterus through the vaginal opening, resulting from weakened supporting tissues. This is where the pessary steps in as a non-surgical hero, offering a supportive embrace to hold these organs in place, thus alleviating the symptoms and discomfort associated with prolapse.

Exploring the Types of Pessaries

The world of pessaries is rich and varied, offering solutions tailored to each individual’s unique needs and conditions.

Ring Pessary: The Versatile Choice

The pessary ring, known for its simplicity and ease of pessary insertion, is often the go-to choice for mild to moderate prolapse. It’s akin to finding that perfect pair of supportive shoes—comfortable for daily wear yet practical. The ring pessary supports the bladder and uterus, gently nudging them back to their natural positions, which is ideal for those new to pessaries or those with an active lifestyle.

Cube Pessary: For More Supportive Needs

Imagine a tool that can provide extra support exactly where and when you need it—this is the cube pessary for severe cases of prolapse. The cube pessary offers significant support with its more substantial structure, making it suitable for those with a higher degree of prolapse. In simple, this is a pessary for prolapse. 

Gellhorn and Donut Pessaries: The Sturdy Supporters

For advanced prolapse, where stronger support is paramount, Gellhorn and donut pessaries stand out. Picture a reliable scaffold that holds everything in place securely; these pessaries do just that. The Gellhorn, with its stem, is particularly adept at managing more significant prolapse. At the same time, the donut pessary offers cushioning support, making both excellent options for ensuring pelvic organs stay where they belong.

The Dynamic Duo: Pessary for Prolapse and Incontinence

Certain conditions require a multitasking solution. For those experiencing prolapse alongside stress urinary incontinence, a two-in-one approach might be the answer. Pessaries designed with this dual purpose support the pelvic organs and apply just the right amount of pressure on the urethra to prevent leakage, acting as a dynamic duo in prolapse and incontinence management. 

The Fitting Process: Collaborative Effort

The process of pessary fitting is personalized and patient-centered. The therapist will work closely with you to select the right type and size of pessary, ensuring it fits comfortably and effectively addresses your symptoms. It’s a collaborative process where your feedback is crucial—speak up about how the pessary feels during the fitting. Finding the perfect fit may require a bit of trial and adjustment. It’s not uncommon to try a few different sizes or types of pessaries before landing on the one that feels just right. Patience and open communication with your therapist are key during this phase.

Post-Insertion Considerations

  • Embracing Immediate Relief: Many individuals experience a profound sense of relief after pessary insertion. It’s as though a weight has been lifted, as the pessary gently supports the pelvic organs, reducing the discomfort or pressure you’ve been feeling. It’s akin to finding that perfect supportive embrace you didn’t realize you needed until it was there.
  • Adjusting to the Presence: In those first days after gently placing your pessary, tuning into your body’s feedback is key to a snug and comfortable fit. Remember, a just right pessary should feel like it’s barely there—no pain, no fuss. Suppose you notice discomfort, sharp pains, or troubles with urination or bowel movements. In that case, it’s not just advisable but important to contact a physiotherapist. At first, you might be hyper-aware of its presence, experiencing a slight feeling of fullness. But give it a little time, and you’ll find that sensation fades into the background, letting you return to being you, full speed ahead.
  • Understanding Maintenance and Hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene with your pessary is vital. Depending on the type and therapist’s advice, you’ll be guided on how to clean your pessary or when to return for professional cleaning. Embrace this as part of your routine, much like any other aspect of personal hygiene, to ensure your comfort and prevent infections.
  • Scheduling Regular Follow-Ups: Regular check-ups with your healthcare provider are essential. These visits are opportunities to assess the pessary’s condition and fit and discuss any concerns or adjustments that might be needed.

Embracing Your Journey to Comfort and Confidence

As we wrap up our exploration of the personalized path to pelvic health through pessary selection and fitting, it’s clear that finding the right fit is much more than a clinical decision—it’s a step towards reclaiming your comfort and confidence. The journey might seem complex, but it becomes manageable and empowering with the proper support and expertise. Our In Step Physical Therapy team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your experience with pessary fitting in Edmonton is seamless and supportive of your unique needs. Remember, seeking help for pelvic floor issues is a sign of strength.