Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

Physiotherapist for Neurological Conditions

Neurological physiotherapists are dedicated healthcare experts proficient in assisting those with neurological disorders, whether they arise from birth, traumas, illnesses, or the natural aging process. Their expert touch goes far beyond mere physical rehabilitation; they aim to restore, maintain, and promote overall health and fitness whilst assisting in holistic reintegration into daily life.

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Our Neurological Physiotherapists at In Step Physical Therapy

Unlike general physiotherapists, neurological physiotherapists possess deep insights into how neurological conditions affect movement, balance, and daily activities. They are adept at devising individualized treatment plans, utilizing an array of techniques that range from muscle strengthening and movement retraining to balance exercises and functional training. Their primary goal? To help patients regain control, independence, and confidence.

A Companion on Your Journey

At In Step, our neurological physiotherapists understand that every individual’s journey is unique. Challenges stemming from conditions such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or traumatic brain injuries aren’t solely about regaining movement. They’re deeply intertwined with reclaiming life and one’s identity. Our therapists stand by your side, offering support, understanding, and expert guidance. They are more than just therapists; they are your allies, advocates, and confidantes.

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Therapy Beyond the Clinic

The role of a neurological physiotherapist Edmonton doesn’t end with exercises and manual treatments. They offer valuable insights into adaptive tools and equipment, advise on lifestyle modifications, and even help bridge the emotional and psychological gaps that neurological conditions might create. In Step’s neurological physiotherapists cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, recognizing that recovery transcends just the physical aspects; it envelops emotional and psychological healing as well.

If you or someone close to you is navigating the complexities of a neurological disorder, rest assured that In Step stands beside you. Our seasoned neurological physiotherapist in Edmonton is armed with the expertise, knowledge, and compassion to walk with you through your rehabilitation, infusing each phase with inspiration, tenacity, and optimism.

Meet Our Expert Neurological Physiotherapists


Giri Srinivasan CEO & Physiotherapist - InStep Physical Therapy

Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • With a rich background, Giri holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree and a plethora of certifications to address neurological concerns.
  • His advanced certifications include Gunn’s Intramuscular Stimulation, the Bioness H200 and L300 systems, and the LSVT BIG—a specialized neuro-rehab program for Parkinson’s. 
  • As a seasoned clinician, he brings 25 years of orthopedic, sports, and neurological experience to the table.
  • Giri is not only well-versed in contemporary therapeutic approaches but also certified in cutting-edge methods like the Walk Aide, Rost Therapy, PONS training, and more. His vast experience and deep understanding of neurological conditions make him a trusted partner in your recovery journey.


In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton Get In Step with your active lifestyle

Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Muthuu’s expertise is rooted in over 15 years of physiotherapy experience in both teaching and clinical settings.
  • Holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physiotherapy, he has integrated globally recognized practices into his approach.
  • Muthuu has fortified his skillset with certifications in Biomedical Dry Needling, Concussion Management, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Functional Movement Systems.
  • His approach revolves around targeted exercises, aiming to minimize fatigue and enhance daily activity performance.
  • Certified in Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture, and Kinesio Taping, Muthuu’s commitment to holistic care ensures his clients get tailored programs, guiding them toward optimized neurological health.


Pranjali Khairmode Physical Therapist, InStep Physical Therapy

Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • A free-spirited healer, Pranjali brings a global perspective to neuro-physiotherapy, with an emphasis on pediatric neuro-physiotherapy.
  • Her comprehensive and evidence-based approach stems from a rich background, including her thesis on ‘Balance in geriatrics.’
  • With 14 years of diverse experience, Pranjali specializes in a range of treatments, including adult and pediatric neuro-physiotherapy and post-COVID rehabilitation.
  • Beyond her technical prowess, Pranjali’s compassion and vibrant persona ensure that patients receive care that is both effective and heartfelt.


In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton Get In Step with your active lifestyle

Neurological Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • While Amee may have begun her physiotherapy journey in India, her dedication to continuous professional development ensures that she brings cutting-edge neurological rehabilitation practices to In Step.
  • Having worked in various settings, Amee offers a diverse perspective backed by a keen sense of commitment to her patients.
  • She places paramount importance on maintaining competence in her role and is continually focusing on her professional growth.

Together, our team at In Step combines diverse experiences, state-of-the-art techniques, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those with neurological conditions. Entrust your journey with our neurological physiotherapists and witness a tailored, compassionate approach to neurological rehabilitation.

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