Orthopedic Physiotherapy in Edmonton

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Whether it’s a sports performance injury, workplace injury, or chronic arthritis from years ago, In Step Physical Therapy can get you moving and performing your best.

With a diverse variety of treatment options and innovative equipment, we tailor a personalized orthopedic treatment plan so that you can return to your daily activities ASAP!

  • No doctor referral is required.
  • We direct bill insurance companies.
  • We don’t just treat, but also, educate and guide you to regain motion, reduce pain, and achieve your specific health and fitness goals through physical therapy.
  • We have a team of experienced physiotherapists with extensive training in various orthopedic techniques.
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Why Our Orthopedic Physiotherapy Treatments Work?

At In Step Physical therapy, our therapists use a whole-body approach in treatment rather than just focusing on the area of pain or restriction. Our orthopedic physiotherapy service involves the physiotherapist’s use of his or her hands to —- mobilize the joints of the spine and extremities, create movement in nerve tissue, and facilitate the activation, flexibility, and normal tone of muscle.

We will help you diagnose your condition, provide hands-on treatment, and develop a tailored treatment or exercise program aimed at reaching your goals.

At In Step Orthopedic Physiotherapy in Edmonton, we have experienced physios with Doctorate in Sports Physiotherapy, Master’s in Manual Orthopedics Therapy, and various post-graduate specialty orthopedic courses including IMS, FMS, Acupuncture, TMJ rehab, Concussion rehab, Vestibular rehab, Dorsavi – an advanced wearable sensor technology to identify issues, etc. 

Our Certified Orthopedic Therapists Bring You World-class Physiotherapy Services in Edmonton

Move Your Body in Ways You Couldn’t Before

You Can Rely on Edmonton’s Premier Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy, Available at Your Service. 


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