Pediatric Physiotherapists In Edmonton

Pediatric Physiotherapists In Edmonton

Physiotherapists for Children

At In Step, we recognize the unique physiotherapy needs of our youngest patients. Our dedicated pediatric physiotherapists combine a deep understanding of child development with specialized training to provide care tailored for growing bodies. From infancy to adolescence, our team is passionate about guiding children towards their fullest potential.

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Children are not just smaller adults. Their bodies and minds are constantly evolving. Recognizing this, our pediatric physiotherapists undertake a comprehensive assessment that factors in the child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development. They design each treatment plan with care, as every child is unique, blending play with therapeutic techniques to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our experienced pediatric physiotherapists service is vast, and a few are 

  • Developmental Milestone Assistance
  • Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Balance and Coordination Training
  • Therapeutic Play

A Heartfelt Dedication to Every Child From Pediatric Physiotherapists at In Step

In the vibrant world of pediatric physiotherapy, our therapists don’t just bring clinical expertise to the table; they bring a heart full of compassion and a genuine love for what they do. Their dedication shines through in every interaction. Each session, each therapeutic game, and each moment spent understanding a child’s unique challenges is a testament to their commitment.


Children, with their boundless energy and curious spirits, require a unique kind of patience and understanding. Their natural ability to connect with children on their level ensures that every child feels seen, understood, and valued. This deep-rooted connection ensures that therapy is more than just treatment; it becomes a joyous journey of discovery and growth.

The Impact of Caring

True healing transcends the physical. While our primary goal is to address physical challenges, pediatric physiotherapists in Edmonton recognize the profound impact of emotional and psychological well-being on a child’s overall recovery and development. By cultivating an environment of trust, empathy, and encouragement, they ensure that children feel safe and motivated throughout their therapeutic journey.

Every smile, every small win, and every milestone achieved is celebrated with genuine pride and joy. To our physiotherapist for children in Edmonton, each child is not just a patient but a young individual with dreams, hopes, and a life full of potential. By providing not just treatment but genuine care, they play a pivotal role in sculpting a brighter, healthier future for each child.

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A Partnership for a Better Tomorrow

At In Step, pediatric physiotherapy Edmonton isn’t just about individual sessions; it’s about creating a lasting partnership with families. They deeply believe that when parents and caregivers are involved, empowered, and educated, a child’s potential for improvement magnifies. By involving families in every step, providing insights, and sharing expert guidance, we strive to create a supportive ecosystem in which every child can truly flourish.

In the end, it’s this blend of clinical expertise, heartfelt dedication, and unwavering commitment that makes a difference. At In Step, we are proud to have these professional physiotherapists for children in Edmonton who don’t just treat but genuinely strive to enhance the life of every child they work with.


Giri Srinivasan CEO & Physiotherapist - InStep Physical Therapy

A Registered Pediatric Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Giri’s journey in physiotherapy, spanning over two decades, is marked by ceaseless learning and an innate passion for pediatric care. Graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree in 1998, he further enriched his knowledge with a Post Graduate Diploma in Basic Developmental Therapy, focusing on children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disabilities.
  • Having treated countless children during his 25 years in the field, Giri has a compassionate approach, perfectly blending his rich experience with state-of-the-art techniques in pediatric care. He is also a certified “LSVT BIG” clinician, specializing in neuro-rehab programs for children.
  • At In Step, children aren’t just patients; they’re young individuals filled with dreams and potential. As both the CEO and a passionate physiotherapist, his vision for pediatric care is evident in every corner of the clinic, making it a nurturing and hopeful space for children and their families.


Pranjali Khairmode Physical Therapist, InStep Physical Therapy

A Registered Pediatric Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Meet Pranjali, our vibrant and passionate pediatric physiotherapist. Imbued with a free-spirited nature, Pranjali knows how to touch lives holistically. Her approach to pediatric care is thorough and evidence-based, ensuring that every child she treats receives a personalized roadmap to better health.
  • Her heart draws her to pediatric neuro-physiotherapy. The genuine joy she finds in the laughter and growth of children is palpable. Recently, she has also been honoured with the vice-presidency of the ‘Autism Today’ foundation, further reflecting her dedication to the pediatric field.
  • Internationally educated and boasting 14 years of experience, Pranjali has honed her expertise across hospitals, multispecialty clinics, and private physiotherapy practices. Yet, despite her vast experience, she brings a fresh enthusiasm to every session at In Step.

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