Physiotherapy clinic in downtown Edmonton

Physiotherapy clinic in downtown Edmonton

“I want to get rid of this pain. I have been tired of dealing with it for so long!” Does this sound like you? Or do you want to recover from an injury? Or do you want to improve your health?

Then, step into In Step Physical Therapy in Downtown Edmonton. Here, our skilled physiotherapists are always there to provide quality care. They tailor it to your unique health needs. At In Step, we know every step to recovery is important and that’s why our physiotherapists strive to offer a holistic and empathetic approach to your health condition through physiotherapy.

Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker with back pain, or recovering from surgery, we’re here to support you. We don’t just treat your condition; we help you to live your dream.

Want to know how physiotherapy can transform your health and your ability to move around? Join us and experience the benefits of physiotherapy by working with our team of registered physiotherapists. They are right here in Downtown Edmonton. Get ready to take control of your health journey with In Step Physical Therapy!

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Who Can Be Treated with Physiotherapy?

Services offered by In Step Physical Therapy through physiotherapy in Downtown Edmonton are not limited by age or gender. Our services cater to:

  • Children with pediatric conditions: Addressing developmental delays and physical impairments.
  • Individuals with various conditions: We provide recovery strategies for sports injuries, workplace accidents, or post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Older adults with chronic and other age-related conditions: These include arthritis or the aftermath of a stroke.
When to Start Physiotherapy?
Knowing the best time to start physiotherapy matters. It can greatly affect your treatment’s effectiveness and your recovery speed. At In Step Physical Therapy in Downtown Edmonton, our skilled physiotherapists recommend starting treatment as soon as possible. This is important in many cases to maximize health outcomes.
Here’s a detailed look at when to consider starting physiotherapy:


  • Immediate Recovery: Starting physiotherapy right after an injury is crucial. Early treatment reduces pain and swelling and stops the condition from getting worse. For example, beginning therapy right after a sports injury or fall can speed up recovery significantly. It helps to return to daily activities quickly.

After Surgery

  • Postoperative recovery: For post-surgery recovery, physiotherapy is important. Starting it soon can speed up healing and improve rehab. It helps restore movement and improve circulation. It strengthens the areas impacted by surgery. This enhances the overall recovery process.

Managing Chronic Conditions

  • This is for those with chronic conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, back pain, or neurological disorders. It provides tools to manage pain and improve function. Regular physiotherapy can help keep mobility and prevent the conditions from getting worse. 

Preventive Care

  • Physiotherapy isn’t just for recovery. It is also a preventive tool that helps to avoid future health issues. Physiotherapy can strengthen the body. It also improves balance and flexibility. This, in turn, cuts the risk of injuries and aches. It is especially good for elderly people. It also helps those in hard physical jobs or sports.
What are the Benefits of Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy at In Step Physical Therapy in Downtown Edmonton can provide big health gains. It also brings life-enhancing benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

Pain Reduction

Physiotherapy uses different techniques to reduce pain and inflammation. Manual therapies like massage and mobilization help by improving muscle function and circulation. Ultrasound and TENS target deeper tissues, reducing chronic pain and inflammation by stimulating muscles and nerves to promote natural healing.

Improved Mobility and Function

Each patient gets a custom exercise plan. It is tailored to their physical needs and health goals. The exercises may include stretching and strength exercises. They may also include cardio and endurance activities. All the exercises are meant to improve mobility and function.

Physiotherapy also helps patients recover from injury or surgery. It makes rehabilitation quicker and helps them regain mobility.

Surgery Avoidance

Surgery has higher risks and longer recovery times. Effective physiotherapy can be an alternative for some conditions, based on a doctor’s advice. It helps many patients heal and regain function without surgery.

Our Expert Team at In Step Physical Therapy
At In Step Physical Therapy, we have a diverse team of specialists dedicated to providing the best care:
  • Golf Fitness: Giri Srinivasan, our TPI Certified Therapist, helps golfers improve their performance through customized fitness programs.
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy: Mohana Priya Thayalan and Giri Srinivasan specialize in managing pelvic floor disorders and related issues.
  • Vestibular Therapy: Kamal Janakiraman and Giri Srinivasan treat dizziness and balance disorders.
  • Sports Therapy: Kamal Janakiraman, Giri Srinivasan, and Amee Bhavasar provide rehabilitation and performance enhancement for athletes.
  • Pediatric Therapy: Giri Srinivasan focuses on physiotherapy for children, addressing their unique needs.
  • Neurological Therapy: Amee Bhavasar and Giri Srinivasan treat conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s disease to improve mobility and function.
  • Geriatric Therapy: Kamal Janakiraman, Giri Srinivasan, and Amee Bhavasar focus on the health and mobility of older adults.
  • Concussion Therapy: Kamal Janakiraman and Giri Srinivasan offer specialized care for concussion management and recovery.
  • Strength & Conditioning: Juan Anton Nel helps improve overall fitness and athletic performance.
  • Acupuncture: Zihao Wang uses acupuncture to relieve pain and promote healing.
  • Mental Health Support: Mackenzie Carter, our provisional psychologist, provides counselling services and mental health support.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Mandy Gefle, a certified nutritional practitioner, offers dietary advice to support overall health and wellness.
Our team is here to make sure that you receive customized and effective treatment tailored to your needs.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

In Step Physical Therapy in Downtown Edmonton is dedicated to providing physiotherapy services to improve your health and mobility. Our skilled physical therapists are ready to help you with a personalized approach. If you’re searching for a “physiotherapy clinic near me,” we can help. Schedule your appointment today. Begin your journey toward a healthier life.

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