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Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

At the core of every physical ailment, there often lies an intricate web of emotional and psychological elements. As the field of healthcare evolves, the emphasis on holistic healing – addressing both the physical and the mental – becomes paramount. Recognizing this, In Step Clinic in Edmonton introduces its dedicated Provisional Psychologist, ensuring that our patients receive comprehensive care that addresses both the body and the mind.

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A Safe Haven for Exploration and Growth

Every individual’s journey is unique, and each person faces their own set of challenges, hopes, and aspirations. Our Provisional Psychologist Edmonton provides a safe, non-judgmental space for people to explore and understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. She facilitates introspection, guiding patients in understanding themselves better, setting realistic goals, and paving a path toward personal growth and well-being.

Expertise Rooted in Empathy

Our Provisional Psychologist comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge, but it’s her empathy, patience, and commitment that truly sets her apart. At In Step Clinic, she intertwines clinical expertise with genuine care, ensuring that each patient feels understood, valued, and empowered.

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Holistic Integration for Optimal Health

Physical therapy and psychology may seem like distinct disciplines, but they share a common goal: the overall well-being of an individual. By collaborating closely with our team of physiotherapists, our Provisional Psychologist Edmonton ensures that the emotional and psychological facets of healing are seamlessly integrated with the physical, offering patients a rounded approach to recovery.

Saadiya Ali


Provisional Psychologist Edmonton

Saadiya Ali, a Provisional Psychologist at In Step Physical Therapy, passionately champions holistic health, understanding the deep interplay between the human mind and physical well-being.

Emphasizing the importance of a therapeutic relationship, Saadiya collaborates closely with her clients to create strategies tailored to their unique needs, ensuring a safe and trusting environment where every individual feels acknowledged and supported.

With a keen interest in the nexus of mental and physical health, Saadiya works hand-in-hand with the In Step physiotherapist team to deliver integrated care. Dedicated to ongoing growth, she constantly integrates evolving psychological findings into her sessions to ensure top-tier care for her clients.

Join Saadiya at In Step Physical Therapy for an enriching journey towards holistic well-being.

Embarking on a Journey Together

Whether you’re grappling with emotional challenges, seeking to understand behavioural patterns, or looking for strategies to cope with physical pain, our Provisional Psychologist is here to walk beside you. Join us at In Step Clinic in Edmonton, and let us be a part of your journey toward holistic health and well-being.

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