What is neuromusculoskeletal screening ?

A complete, comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal  screening to assess “head to toe” active range of motion, strength, flexibility, functional movement patterns, neural mobility,  balance, posture and gait  to identify the “missing links”,  compensatory postural changes and dysfunctional movement patterns. At the end of the screening ,we do provide corrective solutions for the same so that you can “prevent pain before it happens”.

Who is the candidate?

  • Candidates belong to the broad spectrum as indicated below.
  • Sustained sitting postures and/or repetitive bending and lifting activities at work.
  • Persons experiencing numbness and tingling in legs and arms.
  • Someone would like to enroll in yoga or pilates or exercise program.
  • New mom
  • Athletes or runner.
  • People who do regular exercises but still has pain and stiffness.
  • Seniors with postural and balance dysfunctions.
  • Higher level neurological patients with stroke, multiplesclerosis etc.

How much does it cost?

Annual Neuromusculoskeletal  Screening costs only $ 400 , which includes assessment, corrective exercises and comprehensive report. It would take approximately one hour to one and half hour to complete the above.

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