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Why Choose Us


Therapists with over 40 years of combined clinical physiotherapy experience.


Successful outcomes for more than 16,000 patients serving Edmonton and surrounding area.


We have a friendly staff in Instep from Physiotherapy assistants to Reception


Therapist Qualification includes PhD in Sports Physiotherapy, Masters and Post Grad Diplomas in various subjects


Multispeciality Clinic in one location : Sports/ Ortho/ Neuro/ Vestibular/ Pelvic Health and more


We help people to get on with what's important to them


  • JB

    I want to Thank you all most sincerely for your encouragement to work hard at your expertly crafted physio program which helped me exceed my expectations in some ways and to motivate me to move onto more challenging tasks in other ways. My husband and I are both thrilled that I have had no falls in almost eight months after averaging 4 -5 a month previously. Words really cant fully express how much this means to me

    Resident of Edmonton - JB

  • John Bridges

    From my first visit to the clinic to now,I have much mobility and range in my shoulder. I have much less pain.Most importantly,i have knowledge and better understanding of my condition now and how to avoid injury, i have been thought the proper way to exercise and take care of my shoulder movements. I am very happy with my results

    Director , IT Firm , Edmonton - John Bridges

  • Marla Anderson

    When i arrived to Instep I was having back pain that was limiting my ability to sleep and sit for long periods of time. From my initial treatment I was able to see results!!, specifically pain reduction, and this just continued to improve after each visit. Now, after my last visit, I feel better educated as to how to take care well, the upper body strength, etc. I have also been able to continue with normal physical activities. Thanks again instep physiotherapy team

    Student, UOA - Marla Anderson