Sports Physiotherapy Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapy Edmonton

Pain Management

Managing pain isn’t only about stretching exercises and applying hot packs.

It starts with a head-to-toe assessment of what your movement dysfunctions are.

Using a Functional Movement Screen we first assess the fundamental movement patterns like strength, endurance, power, and conditioning.

Depending on your full assessment, we then give you corrective exercises and complementary modalities to resolve, manage and alleviate your pain. 

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

In terms of sports injury rehabilitation, we go beyond simply addressing your injury and strive to help you become the best sportsman possible.

By combining our Sports Injury Rehabilitation program with a Strength and Conditioning program and sport-specific skill training program, we help improve your fundamental capacity to lift, carry, pull, push and move in ways your sport demands. 

Sports Injury Prevention

We believe that prevention is key to staying healthy and performing at your best.

That’s why, in addition to injury rehabilitation, we also offer prevention and maintenance services to help reduce the risk of future injuries.

Our team of experienced sports Physiotherapists offer personalized recommendations and self-techniques you can adopt to prevent the reoccurrence of sports injuries