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Everybody in the world has gone through Depression, Anxiety and stress at some point in their life.Nature has embedded all the natural feelings into our systems, including Depression & Anxiety, for our self-support and healing.One must master how to walk through all the senses to become how one wants themselves to be. Depressions are caused primarily by past traumas; life gets simpler when one finds easy solutions to their problems.But it's not that easy. That's why 280 million people worldwide are treated for depression and anxiety disorder.

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Does physical health affect mental health?

This world is a refined space we live in, and our body is a unique tool to experience different feelings and sensations. Our body is also the tool to feel what's around us. So keeping our physical body active and alive is essential to keep our psychological systems active and healthy. So next time, before skipping a jogging session, think twice.

At In Step Physical Therapy clinic North West Edmonton, we have lovely experienced psychologists. Our psychologists are qualified and have given solutions to many patients who have suffered from psychological distress in Edmonton. With our psychologist, you can quickly get away from your internal demons slowly and steadily. Our psychologists take you into a steady phase where the change does not affect your regular lifestyle. Sometimes withdrawal from Depression can also cause other psychological issues. Our psychologists have experience and will provide the benefitting treatment for you. 

Psychotherapy from home!

You can take In Step's psychotherapy from your home or also from our clinic in Canada. If you want to take your psychology therapy sessions from your home, you can sign up for our Tele Rehabilitation and take therapy from your comfort zone. If you have body pains due to Depression and Anxiety, you can get our Massage therapy and relax. Our in-clinic Therapists have beautiful hands with which they will give you swirling Swedish massages and general treatment according to your need. You can also get assessed by our senior staff and then get therapy from our massage therapists for getting more benefits. With this, you can also know about your physical health issues and learn how to correct them. 

Psychologist for Depression in Edmonton

The first thing every one of us must know is that there is a treatment for mild, moderate and severe Depression. Depression is a widespread treatable psychological disorder that affects women more than men. It is also sad that people often think about suicide while under Depression, and according to World Health Organisation, one in twenty adults get past Depression as adults. It is not easy for them to get past misery, but we all must have to, and there is a way for everyone. Not everyone will get a path full of flowers and rainbows. Some of our courses will be thorns and dessert. But that must not become a reason for people to give up something more.

Depression is a phase which will eventually pass, and everyone knows this. With people getting depressed all day, we, as psychologists, have a lot of things to teach and say to our younger generation. With our talk therapy, this is what we make them understand subconsciously and give them hope and believe in helping them sustain. Our Psychologist for Depression in Edmonton helps you achieve that state. 

Symptoms of Depression

All our psychological systems are the same; the only difference is they are programmed differently. So we will share most of the symptoms, 

  • Loss of interest
  • Want to be alone without any reason
  • Feeling empty inside
  • Feeling sad
  • Feeling irritable
  • Lack of concentration
  • Overwhelming guilt
  • Thoughts about suicide
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Physical Weakness
  • Mental weakness
  • Difficulty in connectivity(Friends, Family and loved ones) 

These are some of the significant symptoms observed in depressed people.

If you aren’t going through any of the symptoms mentioned above and still think you are going through Depression.

You are right, and Depression can occur in some other forms too. Don’t hesitate to contact a specialist and talk to them. You will do good for  yourself and others around you. It is effortless. 

3 Immediate reliefs from Depression

By challenging and replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you can easily teach your brain how to think. Never tell your brain what not to believe. Only train your brain what to think, this will make your connections easy within the brain, and your brain will start to work for you. 

Doing something new will put your brain into a different type of neurological connection and can get you a break from your depressive thoughts. Depression is just ideas reflected on our body, so the only aim is to do something the brain doesn’t know to make it experience new things. Sometimes it will be challenging to start something new, but that will be you training your willpower to get to where you need in your life. Taking a cooking class will make new neural connections in your brain that will help you to be free.

Avoiding drugs is the most important thing you must follow to get rid of Depression. With alcohol, smoke and drugs, our brain receives a dopamine hormone. With dopamine, we feel happy and stress-free. But this has a time limit, and you will feel drained soon enough. The major downside of drugs is that they tune our bodies and stop the natural production of dopamine and endorphins. These two hormones are responsible for making us feel happy and blissed out. With regular drug intake, our hormones connect with it and produce stress hormones in the absence of drugs.
This phenomenon is the main reason most drugs are addictive. It is not us who crave it but our inner hormone system. By withdrawing from drugs gradually, you can teach your hormonal system to generate happy hormones even without those drugs. 

Psychology treatment for Anxiety in Edmonton

Anxiety disorder is a malfunctioning of the brain that gives us unwanted thoughts in unwanted situations. At places you need not worry, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Though you know the solution is simple and need not worry, you cannot help it. That's Anxiety, and Anxiety can give rise to different types of experiences. There are 

01.General Anxiety

General Anxiety happens when you don't need to worry but still find yourself worrying. You can find yourself in these situations if you have general Anxiety. Anxiety can be embarrassing and sometimes a bit discomforting to others.

02.Obsessive-compulsive disorder

People often say things like clean your utensils and your Depression will disappear. That is one of the main reasons that gave rise to OCD. People with OCD will have an urge to keep things clean and neat for them to feel safe and happy. This situation has helped many people overcome Depression, but the thought is nailed deep inside their minds and produces negative feelings when one is not doing their regular rituals. These cleaning rituals are one of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Around 1.8 percent of the US population has OCD, and primarily females live with OCD more than males.  Our psychologist in Edmonton will educate you on the necessary knowledge to get away from ocd over a period .

03.Panic disorder

Suppose you have an unexpected rise in heart rate or an unknown fear. You may have a panic disorder. Talk therapy and manual therapy can cure panic disorders. 

04.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress syndrome is caused due to physical or psychological trauma and abuse; these pains can be felt physically and by recurring thoughts. Professional support can be beneficial for people going through this condition. Our In Step Edmonton psychologist will provide all the necessary support and talk you through it. 

05.Social Anxiety Disorder

Another common problem left unaddressed is Social Anxiety Disorder. It is mostly not treated because of its passive outcomes. We can categorize you as having social anxiety disorder if you have a fear of speaking, eating and drinking at a social gathering or when you are around people. People distance themselves from social groups often when going through Social Anxiety Disorder. Always remember that all psychological disorders are treatable, and if you have a solution that you need to find out, our Edmonton psychologist can help you find out. If you find it much sooner, you can get positive experiences much more shortly than you think, which can be a life-altering feeling. 

Symptoms of Anxiety

We can easily identify Anxiety in a person with their actions, their face, and body language as there are very few chances you can mask your Anxiety.
The symptoms are:

  • Nervousness
  • Feeling in danger of unwanted situations
  • Palpitating heart
  • Sweating
  • Feeling weak
  • Unstable eyes
  • Feeling nauseous

Instant remedies for Anxiety

  1. Conscious stomach breathing
  2. Getting fresh air
  3. Aromatherapy
  4. Jotting down what you feel
  5. Reflecting on the random thoughts and their authenticity

These things can help, but a professional's help could provide a long-lasting cure. So get a professional's help to get along with life. 

Psychiatrist VS Psychologist in Edmonton

Psychiatrists and psychologists are two different professionals. Psychiatrists are certified medical doctors who can prescribe medication for your mental health.
On the other hand, psychologists concentrate on various therapies without drugs and curing situations from a third person's view. This view can help the person achieve internal knowledge on "how to overcome psychological stress" and emotional traumas. Our talented Psychologists in the Edmonton clinic concentrate more on personal and social behaviours knowing as these two are the most expansive windows of our psyche.
With a psychologist nearby, you can get rid of various health problems by yourself. You may also get a comprehensive insight and help your depressed friends with talk therapy and; insights; to find a psychologist in Edmonton, contact In Step physical therapy in Edmonton. We have a wide variety of professionals to assist with your specific needs. 

When to contact a psychologist

When your internal voice says, you need help, search in google psychologist near me and get our psychologist help. They will help you cope with your current conditions. You can also talk to a psychologist to make them understand your present situation and derive solutions. Our psychologists are friendly and have helped many to cope with their conditions.

We provide psychological advice and treatment for mental health issues in Canada. We treat all types of patients, including kids. We also tell people how significant lifestyle changes are to become free from destructive thoughts and behavior. Our psychologists in Edmonton are devoted to the patient’s psychological health. Our In Step physical therapy clinic is located in Edmonton and has been providing therapy for over two decades in the local area. To find a psychologist in North West Edmonton Contact In Step physical therapy and get away from destructive thoughts!!  


  1. How do I find a psychologist in Edmonton?

Type Psychologist near me and you will get a list of Psychologists in your area.

We value our patients more than anything and would like to hire someone with a positive attitude, good communication skills and people skills. Past experience in a private physical therapy practice is an asset.