Certified Nutritional Practitioner Edmonton

"Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food. "– Hippocrates.


Mandy Gefle - Certified Nutritional Practitioner Edmonton

Mandy Gefle (LHNP, BScN) – Owner of Pura Vida Nutrition, specializes in helping clients who struggle with exhaustion and overwhelm related to chronic stress. Mandy realized her passion for prevention after recovering from postpartum depletion, without the use of pharmaceuticals. Now she draws from her personal experience, and her professional background as a registered nurse and holistic nutrition practitioner, to help others find their path to true health. Mandy has found success in her business by focusing on the benefits of high-quality whole food and easy-to-follow stress management strategies, to promote a balanced lifestyle. She also incorporates a unique approach to help her clients connect more closely to their heart center, their body, and nature, in order to encourage healing at the highest level.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Mandy is a mom of two boys, an international best-selling author, an educator, and a professional speaker. 

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Meal Plan Subscription

Are you ready to take “dinner decision fatigue” out of your life and try some new and exciting recipes?Spend each day knowing what you are making for dinner by having a done-for-you plan in place and the ingredients already in the refrigerator, in order to make dinnertime run smooth and easy!It’s time to join the club with Pura Vida Nutrition
Here’s what you get:

Join the Pura Vida Nutrition online meal planning subscription for

$145/ per month
Instant Access to weekly meal planning (grocery list & recipes included)
Simple online platform
First Steps poster to start your journey
Free 30 minute goal setting call

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Nutrition Assessment & Wellness Plan

Nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation suggestions, broken down into an easy to follow document. I will record any recommendations/habits I suggest to you during our calls and send them to you in one easy to follow document. In this document, I will make note of any supplements that will assist your recovery process and where to purchase them. 

Nutrition Assessment & Wellness Plan

The initial call will be to review your assessment and discuss your current situation and goals.
The second call will take place after the wellness plan has been created to provide teaching and any necessary clarification.
Nutrition Assesment And Wellness Plan

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Nutrition Practitioner Edmonton

One on One Nutrition Coaching with Meal Planning

Package value

$1500(3 months)
Individualized wellness & nutrition planning, plus extra support along the way as you embark on your healing journey!
This plan offers the value of weekly coaching calls, in addition to all of the benefits of the nutrition & wellness plan.
You can also text or email me with any questions you may have in between calls, to help you stay on track.
This ongoing support will help you get the results you're looking for as quickly as possible!

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