Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton

Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton

Physiotherapist for Concussion

Navigating the aftermath of a concussion can be a challenging and often unsettling journey involving not just the physical symptoms but also grappling with the cognitive and emotional components of healing. In these crucial times, the guidance of a dedicated Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton is invaluable.

At Edmonton’s In Step Physical Therapy, our team of Concussion Physiotherapists blends expertise, experience, and empathy to support individuals on their road to healing. They are more than just healthcare professionals; they are companions, advisors, and unwavering pillars of support, ensuring that every patient feels acknowledged and supported.

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Holistic Approach to Concussion Recovery

Recognizing the complex nature of concussions, our physiotherapists adopt a comprehensive approach to care. They invest time in grasping each patient’s distinct challenges and craft personalized plans that cater to physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. Their in-depth methodology ensures that the journey to recovery encompasses not just physical rejuvenation but also the restoration of confidence and self-identity

Timely Intervention is Key

Prompt attention to concussions, whether they stem from sporting events, accidents, or other traumatic experiences, is pivotal for optimal healing. Our Concussion Physiotherapists in Edmonton are poised and prepared to leverage their skills, empowering patients to recover, rejuvenate, and reclaim their potential.

A Safe, Supportive Environment

Recovering from a concussion can sometimes be a lonely journey filled with uncertainties. At In Step Physical Therapy, our environment is designed to be a haven of support. Our Concussion Physiotherapists in Edmonton go beyond clinical care, offering emotional support, understanding, and a listening ear when needed.

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Reintegrating into Daily Life

In the wake of a concussion, resuming regular activities, be it professional, athletic, or social, can be a hurdle. Our physiotherapists pave the way for a seamless transition, equipping patients with practical tools and techniques to confidently reintegrate into their daily routines.


Giri Srinivasan CEO & Physiotherapist - InStep Physical Therapy

Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Giri Srinivasan, a Registered Physiotherapist, brings over 25 years of diverse experience to his patients, specializing in orthopedic, sports, and neurological conditions.
  • Among his various qualifications, he is a Certified Impact trained physical therapist (ITPT) for concussion management, and he is also certified in Cognitive Functional Therapy, ensuring that he has the latest knowledge and skills to treat patients with post-concussion symptoms.
  • Having graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and pursued further studies in numerous specialized areas, Giri’s comprehensive background and passion for continued learning make him a trusted choice for concussion management in Edmonton.


In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton Get In Step with your active lifestyle

Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Having moved to Canada in 2015, Muthuukaruppan Muthiah boasts over 15 years of extensive experience in the realm of physiotherapy, both in teaching and clinical practice.
  • His profound understanding of neurological clients, coupled with a certification in Concussion Management, sets him apart as a specialist in the field.
  • Muthuu’s approach is holistic; he believes in delivering tailored exercise programs and ensures that each patient exercises with the correct form and technique.
  • His commitment to continuous skill-upgradation is evident, making him an adept choice for those seeking specialized care for concussions in Edmonton.


In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton Get In Step with your active lifestyle

Concussion Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • With a robust educational background, including a Ph.D. in Sports Physiotherapy, Kamal Janakiraman is a name synonymous with expertise and dedication.
  • His years of orthopedic and sports physiotherapy experience equip him to understand the intricacies of concussion management.
  • Being a Certified Dry Needling Therapist, Kamal also brings unique techniques to the table, enhancing the treatment process.
  • For those looking for a seasoned physiotherapist who melds traditional practices with innovative approaches, Kamal stands as a preferred option for concussion management in Edmonton.

Partners in Healing

So, if you or a loved one is seeking specialized care after a concussion, trust the dedicated Concussion Physiotherapists at In Step Physical Therapy. We’re not just therapists; we’re your partners in the healing journey.

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