Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton

Pain, Aches, and Stiffness, Be Gone!

Various degrees of injury can be sustained during and after an automobile accident. In most cases, this leads to limited shoulder motion, shoulder and back stiffness, headaches, migraine, and other underlying conditions. Sometimes these ailments lay dormant for years causing immense pain and discomfort.

Motor vehicle accident therapy can help treat car accident victims recover as well as prevent long-term side effects. Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton is a therapeutic care administered to patients suffering from a wide array of injuries including whiplash, dizziness & vertigo

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Motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, such health threats can be identified and a treatment plan can be designed to help improve your strength, enhance your flexibility, and increase your recovery rate. 

When you regularly attend motor vehicle accident physiotherapy sessions, you’ll begin to experience and notice a drastic decrease in pain felt as well as other symptoms you had. 

At In Step Physical Therapy, we have a dedicated team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists & Lymphedema therapists who can provide effective whole-body therapeutic, conditioning and safe-to-use cares to address motor vehicle accident injuries in Edmonton. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Conditions We Treat


Upper and Lower Extremities Pain (Arm and Leg)



Musculoskeletal Injuries
Strains / Sprains
Spine Cord Pain
Back and Neck Pain
Bruising / Tenderness

In some cases, you might not know the exact condition you may be suffering from. However, some of the symptoms to look out for include;

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Choosing In Step for Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton

Our motor vehicle accident physical therapy program is designed to help accident victims return their body function to normal and achieve the comfort they need, with full flexibility, stability, mobility, and motion range.

When you arrive at our clinic, our physiotherapists will conduct an assessment check on your health. We will gather the necessary information about your health and how the injury happened following the incident. This assessment will help us to identify the exact cause of your condition. Your therapist may use both hands on specific parts of your body to know where you may be feeling pain and discomfort. Also, exercises will as well be introduced to know your mobility limitation and flexibility.

After that, your physiotherapist will use your assessment outcome to map out a suitable and individualized treatment plan to address your condition and aid your recovery process. Your treatment plan may include exercises, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and ice/heat application to reduce pain and inflammation.


Other Therapeutic Regimens That We Include In Our Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Program
Don’t Let an Accident Determine the Rest of Your Future!

Get Professional Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton and Unlock a Life of Improved Strength and Mobility.  


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