Sports Physiotherapists Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapists Edmonton

Championing Your Athletic Aspirations with Sports Physiotherapists at In Step

At the very core of every outstanding athlete lies not just talent but an unwavering spirit, an ironclad determination, and a thirst for excellence. But the journey to athletic prowess isn’t a solitary one. Behind many of those victorious moments, be it on a world stage or a local playground, stands a silent partner: the Sports Physiotherapist.

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Guiding You to Confidence and Beyond

It’s one thing to be physically fit, but at In Step, our Sports Physiotherapists understand that true athletic performance is as much about the mind as the body. By nurturing a deep understanding of each athlete’s aspirations, they instill confidence that transcends mere physical training. They’re the reassuring presence that helps an athlete stand tall after a fall, the voice that reminds them of their strength when doubt creeps in.

Enhancing Performance through Expertise

Sports physiotherapists don’t just react to injuries; they proactively work to elevate an athlete’s game. By understanding the intricacies of movement and biomechanics, they fine-tune performance, ensuring that every sprint, jump, and throw is optimized for power and precision.

Guardians of Your Athletic Journey

Injuries are an athlete’s nemesis. But with our Sports Physiotherapist Edmonton by your side, they needn’t be a roadblock. Using their expertise, they not only rehabilitate but also strategize on injury prevention, ensuring that both budding athletes and seasoned pros remain resilient against future setbacks.

For Every Athlete, At Every Stage

Whether you’re a budding young talent, a professional setting the field ablaze, or a weekend warrior chasing personal bests, our Physiotherapist for Sports in Edmonton stands ready. They recognize the fire within each individual and tailor their approach to fan those flames, regardless of age or proficiency.

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More Than Just Therapists: Your Athletic Companions

Beyond the techniques and training, what truly defines our Sports Physiotherapists is their unwavering commitment to the athlete’s journey. They stand as steadfast companions, celebrating every victory, guiding through every challenge, and continuously driving athletes toward their pinnacle of performance.


Giri Srinivasan | In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • With a keen focus on orthopedics and sports-related conditions, Giri boasts a staggering 25 years of experience in the domain.
  • Not only has he completed advanced spinal manipulation courses and received certifications in Gunn’s Intramuscular Stimulation, but he’s also a certified Running Specialist.
  • A true testament to his dedication to sports physiotherapy, Giri has pursued comprehensive orthopedic and neurological courses, ensuring athletes under his care receive top-tier treatments tailored to their needs.



Sports Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Sporting a robust academic background with a Ph.D. in Sports Physiotherapy and a Masters in Physical Therapy in Sports, Kamal brings a profound depth of knowledge to his practice.
  • His specializations in orthopedic and sports physiotherapy, combined with his certifications in Dry Needling, position him as a dependable ally for athletes aiming for both peak performance and injury recovery.


Amee Bhavsar | In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • A newer entrant in the field with a Bachelor’s degree from India, Amee has quickly made her mark with her experience across varied settings.
  • A strong proponent of continuous learning, she is dedicated to her professional development, ensuring that athletes benefit from evidence-based techniques in sports physiotherapy.


Shahina Shaikh - Physiotherapist - Instep Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapist Edmonton

Shahina, an adept sports physiotherapist, brings forth her expertise in treating musculoskeletal injuries and orthopedic conditions. Educated at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and further trained in the McKenzie methods, she has a deep understanding of rehabilitation techniques tailored for athletes and active individuals.

Shahina champions active rehabilitation, emphasizing a team-oriented approach that integrates manual therapy techniques and individualized exercise programs.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an enthusiastic beginner, our adept team at In Step stands ready to guide you, support you, and champion your athletic dreams. Their collective expertise, combined with a genuine passion for their craft, ensures that every athlete finds the perfect companion for their unique journey.

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