Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Edmonton

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Edmonton

Physiotherapist for pelvic floor

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, being a specialized branch of physiotherapy, requires experience in the field, and the pelvic floor physiotherapists at In Step have over a decade of combined clinical experience. Physiotherapist for pelvic floor in Edmonton focuses on the ligaments, muscles, and tissues of the pelvic floor –which is a key structure that supports vital organs like the bladder, rectum, and uterus/prostate. These muscles play a crucial role in urinary, bowel, sexual function, and even core stability. Over time or due to specific events like childbirth or surgery, these muscles can become weakened or imbalanced.

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Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Approach: Comprehensive, Empathetic, and Evidence-Based

Our pelvic floor physiotherapists at In Step are well-versed in the intricate details of the pelvic region. We recognize the sensitive and sometimes stigmatized nature of pelvic issues. Our first step is always to create a comfortable and judgment-free environment, ensuring our patients feel heard, understood, and safe.

Each consultation begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand the cause of the issues at hand. By utilizing the research and techniques, our pelvic floor physiotherapist Edmonton, designs individualized treatment plans that address the unique needs of every patient.

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A Safe Healing Environment

Beyond the technical aspects of therapy, what truly sets our approach apart is our dedication to providing compassionate care. We understand that discussing and seeking help for pelvic issues can be challenging for many. Our commitment is to ensure that every individual who walks into our clinic feels safe, respected, and valued. By fostering a culture of trust, we aim to make the journey of healing as smooth and comfortable as possible.

At In Step Physical Therapy Clinic, every patient’s well-being is our utmost priority. Our pelvic floor physiotherapists are here to guide, support, and walk alongside you on your path to improved health and quality of life.

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Specialized Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Mohana Priya Thayalan stands as a beacon of expertise in the field of pelvic floor physiotherapy at In Step Physical Therapy Clinic. Boasting over two decades of dedicated clinical practice, Mohana integrates a blend of traditional and innovative techniques to ensure comprehensive care for her patients.
  • What sets Mohana apart is her deep commitment to continuing education and specialization. She is not only certified in Women’s Health Physiotherapy but also holds specialized certifications in addressing pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy, urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse rehabilitation. Her training in the Mobilization of Visceral Fascia, particularly for the urinary system, makes her adept at treating intricate pelvic dysfunctions.
  • Harnessing the power of technology, Mohana is also certified in ultrasound imaging for both male and female pelvic health physiotherapy. Recognizing the interconnectedness of the body, she uniquely incorporates acupuncture needles in her practice and is certified in Biomedical Dry Needing and Medical Acupuncture.
  • Moreover, Mohana is trained to support expecting mothers, holding a certification in labour and delivery with a focus on maternal comfort measures and pelvic biomechanics. Her skills are further complemented by her certifications in Taping for Women’s Health and the use of pessaries in pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • Beyond her extensive technical skills, Mohana’s multilingual prowess – she fluently speaks both English and Tamil – allows her to connect and communicate effectively with a diverse range of patients, ensuring that every individual feels understood and cared for.
Giri Srinivasan CEO & Physiotherapist - InStep Physical Therapy

Registered Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Giri’s extensive educational and professional journey is a testament to his dedication to physiotherapy. Among his myriad qualifications, his credentials shine brightly in the domain of pelvic floor therapy. With certifications in Rost Therapy for pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy and as a Certified Pelvic Floor Therapist, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.
  • His additional certification as a Pfilates clinician further showcases his commitment to innovative and effective methods in pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • Over the span of his illustrious 25-year career, Giri has integrated orthopedic, sports, and neurological insights to provide a comprehensive approach to pelvic floor issues. As the CEO and a compassionate physiotherapist of In Step, he ensures that the clinic upholds the highest standards in all realms of physiotherapy, especially when it comes to the delicate and crucial area of physiotherapy for pelvic floor.


Pranjali Khairmode Physical Therapist, InStep Physical Therapy

Registered Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Edmonton

  • Pranjali’s holistic approach to physiotherapy shines brightly in the realm of pelvic floor care. With a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment methodology, she is dedicated to addressing each patient’s unique needs.
  • Her 14 years of experience, encompassing work in multispecialty clinics and private physiotherapy practices, has been instrumental in honing her skills in pelvic floor physiotherapy for both male and female populations.
  • Additionally, her passionate pursuits in pelvic floor and perinatal rehabilitation have earned her a noteworthy reputation in women’s health physiotherapy practice.

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