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Knee pain can be caused by many factors ranging from infection, injury, old age, arthritis, and other underlying conditions.

This pain can be agonizing as the knee poses as one of the most complex and pronounced joints that aid movement. 

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Since No one likes to be confined to a position for a long time,  we tend to move from one place to another, thereby putting more pressure on the knee, which in turn causes more pain to us.

To curb knee pain, In Step Physical Therapy in Edmonton provides the best physiotherapy sessions to reduce and manage your knee pain effectively. So, If you happen to feel pain in your knee from time to time, contact us or visit us at our in-clinic downtown Edmonton. Our physiotherapists will ensure that they create a treatment plan that suits you best.

What causes knee pain?

Most times, pain in the knee doesn’t necessarily mean you have an injury in the knee. The pain might be caused by a lot of reasons. These reasons include:

  • Fracture

The kneecap can be broken when you get involved in an auto accident or when you fall. You can also experience a fracture If your bone has already been weakened by osteoporosis( a type of bone deformity).

  •   A torn meniscus

The meniscus acts as a shock absorber between your thigh bone and shin bone. It is tough, rubbery cartilage that can easily be torn when you suddenly twist your knee while putting weight on it.

  •  Patellar tendinitis

This can be caused by inflammation and irritation of the tendon. This irritation/ inflammation can occur when there is an injury in the patellar tendon(a thick, fibrous tissue that attaches the muscle to the kneecap). This tendon enables you to kick, jump and run. Cyclists, runners, and those involved in rigorous sports activities may develop patellar tendinitis. Our physiotherapy west Edmonton can help you escape or rehab from patellar tendinitis.

  • Knee bursitis

Knee injuries tend to cause inflammation in the bursae( a sac filled with fluid. It reduces friction between your body joints.) For sports personnel who have knee bursitis we also provide sports physiotherapy in Edmonton to aid their condition.

  • Dislocated kneecap

This occurs when your patellar(knee cap) slips out of position. In some cases, you will be able to notice the dislocation since the kneecap may remain displaced. 

  • Foot and hip pain

Hip or foot pain may cause you to change your style of walking to reduce the pain you might be feeling. However, this might be causing stress on the knee.

All this and many more are the causes of knee pains. Visit us at In Step Physical Therapy in Edmonton to get a proper diagnosis of the cause of your knee pain.

Common Symptoms of knee pain

This refers to those signs that serve as an indication that your knee is suffering from so much pain.

  • Stiffness and swelling

The knee tends to become stiff when you are experiencing pain. This eventually causes an interruption in your movement constantly, and your knee gradually swells up.

  • Redness

A red patch will be noticed around your knee cap. This patch might look like the clothing of blood. However, this should be a signal for you to see a doctor.

  • Weakness

You start to experience weakness in your legs, especially when you are moving or when you try to move.

  • Cracking or popping noises

The bone around your knee area begins to make weird sounds that seem as if they are cracking.

  • Inability to fully straighten your knee

Pain in the knee will cause an instant hindrance when it comes to straightening your knees. You begin to find it difficult to keep a straight knee.

We urge you to try and take note of this symptom to prevent severe problems in the future.

Why should I opt for physiotherapy care for your knee pain?

Physical therapy is the ideal treatment to opt for when you have pain in the knees. This is because physiotherapists are very good when it comes to musculoskeletal problems. They tend to give the best treatment and make the right diagnosis in this area compared to other medical practitioners.

During a therapeutic session, a physiotherapist will use various modalities tailored to your needs to help reduce your knee problem as well as strengthen your muscular structure around the knee. However, this can only be achieved by introducing an assessment phase before the actual treatment phase. The assessment will allow your physiotherapist to have a complete examination of your knee in order to identify the causes of any structural damage to the knee or its surrounding tissues. 

Once the primary causes and other contributing factors have been identified, your physiotherapist will develop a unique treatment plan to address your problem. During this, your physiotherapist will collaborate with you in order to facilitate your treatment and lower the potential need for drugs or invasive surgery. 

Why Contact In Step Physical Therapy in Edmonton for your knee pain?

Visiting a physical therapist is the best bet when it comes to treating problems that deal with our hands and leg. However, choosing the best physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton would go a long way in curbing your knee pain and improving your life quality.

At In Step Physical Therapy, we have professional physiotherapists and other supporting staff that are ready to render their services to you anytime, any day. Our physiotherapists render services like exercise prescriptions, massages, and hydrotherapy depending on the method that best suits your condition.

We have a flare for ensuring that every one of our patients who come to us with so much pain leaves with smiles on their faces at the end of their rehabilitation or treatment sessions. Our patient’s satisfaction is and will always be our topmost priority. 

When do I need to visit a physical therapist?

When you start seeing these signs, it means that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. These signs include:

  • Difficulty to bear weight on your knee or getting a feeling of instability on your knee.
  • A painful knee swelling.
  • Having pain related to the injury that you sustained previously.
  • Noticing an obvious deformity or dislocation in your leg.
  • Fever accompanied by pains in the knee.

What to expect when you visit In Step Physical Therapy for your knee pain

When you visit In Step Physical Therapy in Edmonton for the first time, a physiotherapist will be assigned to you. Your first visit is very crucial as a proper diagnosis will be carried out, and a personalized treatment plan will be created to suit your diagnosis.

During this visit, your physiotherapist will ask you questions to gain useful information concerning your medical history. These questions may include, the relieving factor and the aggravating conditions for your knee pain. As well as questions related to your lifestyle and occupation.

This is done to ensure that a proper examination is carried out on you.  Some of these examinations include:

This is a type of assessment carried out to check how you walk. This enables your physiotherapist to notice any change in your motion since they are trained to do so.

  • Palpation

This method involves the use of the hand to press and touch your affected knee area. This is done to take note of any abnormality.

  • Range of motion measurement

In this situation, your physical therapist may use special instruments to detect how far your knee is straightening and bending.

  1. Strength measurement 

There are a lot of muscles around the knee, and a strength measurement will help to determine if weakness in your muscle is causing you pain.

  • Assessment of your balance

Your balance will be accessed by your physiotherapist as balance impairment could cause strain on your knee, which can develop pain around the knee. 

  • Girth or swelling measurement

Swelling may be caused by injuries. A measurement of this swelling could help your physical therapist direct your treatment.

We at In Step Physical Therapy provide the best physiotherapy sessions in Edmonton and its surroundings. If you notice any pain, you don’t have to be bothered or try various mediation to ease your condition. Instead, meet with a licensed and well-trained physiotherapist to help you out.

Other Physiotherapy treatments we use to relieve knee pain

Often, physical therapists prescribe exercise as a form of treatment for knee pain. One has to be active in the exercise program because it helps to strengthen the mobility of your leg. You may be asked to perform these exercises at home or during in-clinic sessions as they serve as important tools in solving your knee pain.

Such exercises include:

  • Short arc quads
  • Balance exercise
  • Straight leg raises

During your visit to the clinic, your physical therapist may use other forms of treatment like:

These treatments have proven to be effective over the years. Contacting instep will guarantee an effective treatment and fast recovery. 

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Stop overthinking things! You might be having second thoughts with regards to your contacting or visiting a physical therapy clinic. However, overthinking things could stop you from taking necessary actions regarding your knee pain. Just contact us immediately to make further inquiries or book an appointment.

Can a physiotherapist fix knee pain?

Yes, of course, they will.

Should I see a physio or doctor for knee pain?

It’s better to consult both and get treated from one.

When should I see physio after a knee injury?

Right after the incident, you must see, that this will avoid internal inflammations. Believe me, you don’t need to postpone your appointment.

At In Step Physical Therapy, Edmonton, we are ever ready to serve you in whatever capacity we are consulted for. So, relax and contact us today.