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Physiotherapy for Athletes

Are you an Athlete and searching for Athletic Therapy  Edmonton? You can make use of our energetic technique-filled physios and win your events. The best part of being an athlete is you tend to practice hard till you achieve your desired results. And we physiotherapists give the necessary muscle, bone, joint & spinal manipulation physiotherapy for your body to make it perform better.

You can get treated in two various forms from us, In Step physical therapy provides On-Field physiotherapy and clinical therapy to help you from our clinic after or before a match.

Our on-field athletic therapy in Edmonton we provide will be target oriented and will help you build stronger base muscles for your sport. Building a base muscle means we not only condition your sporting muscles but also strengthen all the supporting muscles required for the sports. This will reduce the chances of injury and can help you achieve victory in  matches.

To bring out all the stress points in your body and heal them try our athletic physiotherapists in Edmonton. This will help your body to heal itself faster, Our clinical therapy includes treating multiple conditions in our body, who knows? Treating your elbow joint may also make you win in an upcoming match.

All the joints and nerves are connected, so any impact on a nerve will be transferred to another nerve or muscle. The transfer causes hyperactive and dormant muscles in our body, this causes imbalances and hence failure of muscles and injury during a sports match.

To prevent this we have physios who have been treating human anatomy for over 20 years. Their experience could bring out another version of an athlete in you. 

Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Our sports physiotherapists in Edmonton will accompany your events, the on-field physiotherapists will be well equipped to handle all situations given to them. They are trained in the field and will provide exceptional support. If your family is afraid of your sport you can tell them, ‘I have a sports physiotherapist near me’ this will put confidence in your family members and add support to your event.

Cure Knee pain with athletic therapy Edmonton

Some causes of athletic Injuries:

Our muscles and bones can handle heavy loads and pressure for a lifetime if used the right way, this also means balance plays a major role. If our left and right side of our body are balanced then there are fewer chances for you to get an injury during match.

If our body is not balanced it can cause self-harming injuries like ankle twists, and falls, also when the pressure on our right knee is more than on the left knee, there are more chances of a balance injury. If you want to avoid self-made injuries our physiotherapist’s advice is to keep your skeletal system and muscles balanced. Our athletic therapy Edmonton can help you achieve your sports goal if you reach out to us.  

A direct hit cannot be prevented in many cases, a direct hit can only be cured. Runners tend to injure their knees more than any other sports people. Since legs support their run, the knee must be kept strong to prevent any possible injuries. Maintaining balance could reduce falls and direct hits must be treated on the field to help the player regain his run. Our on-field physiotherapists are committed to curing the knee pains and injuries caused while performing in athletic events.

Our athletic therapy program Albreta will help you to heal faster from any direct hits and will make your knees stronger and bulletproof.

Runners overuse their knees on the field and off the field, training sessions like lunges and squats will be monitored by our In Step physical therapists to notice any imbalance that could strain a tendon.  Athletic therapy Edmonton will help you performance inside the ground well. 

Treatment for muscle Strains

In Step Physical therapy provides athletic therapy in Edmonton to cure all types of sports injuries you could face, our body is made up of complex connections.

The tendons, muscle, and ligament strains cannot be shaken up and put to use in the other half, this will cause serious injuries in the future. To prevent this our sports physios have multiple types of equipment that will freeze, aid, and correct your muscle. Our physiotherapists are also known to provide immediate relief in the field, they will be attentive and watch your every move. They will know exactly which muscle is injured right after your injury is made.

Strains are the most common injuries faced by an athlete, right when you step into a field your chances of strains increase. The stress in your mind can also add on chances for strains, this is being said because. When our brain gets stressed it loses the mind-muscle connection and loses its grip on muscle, this loosens the joint resulting in strains in most conditions.

Our therapists are trained to say the right thing inside the field to boost your brain with muscle memory. These words said by our physiotherapists will add to knowledge and will make you perform better even unconsciously. This can reduce your chances of sprains being caused inside the field. 

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar fasciitis is mostly experienced by long-distance runners, plantar fasciitis is a band of muscle that is in our heels. This attaches our heels to our toes and helps in balancing our feet. The muscles helps us in running, standing, and walking. As runners you use your feet more than any other people in the world, you have more chances of being injured in the heel muscle.
Various conditions like flat feet and highly arched feet can be caused by these supporting muscles. Proper foot placement is required to alleviate the pains and future strains. As runners you might have heard about these muscles. In Step Physical therapy provides athletic therapy in Edmonton to heal your heel muscles and make you run faster.

Plantar fasciitis treatment is given both clinically and on-field to aid your condition. The muscle treatment will freeze, stretch, loosen or tighten the muscle for increasing your performance. While Referring to techniques earlier this is what we have referred to, we can tighten, loosen and harden your set of muscles according to your present need.

With clinical rehabilitation, we give in-depth attention and correct your muscle right from the cause of the injury & pain. As physicians we truly believe that the muscle injuries spread to other joints & muscles, so with this, we carry forward our examining and find out all the possible muscles that could have been affected and treat them.

With enthusiastic In Step Physicians you don’t have to worry about your muscle conditions, we know the anatomy and will treat them with utmost presence and fulfill your need. 

What is Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Treatment

There is a small difference between the tennis elbow and the golfer’s elbow, both of which are caused due to repetitive use of a single muscle. This condition can also cause arthritis if frequently used and left untreated, with our In Step physical therapy in Edmonton you can easily cure  & aid such conditions.

The tennis elbow is caused in the lateral epicondyle tendon whereas the golfer’s elbow is an injury in the medial epicondyle tendon. Both tendons are present in our forearm and are used in the extension of our arms. People who are suffering any elbow condition can hugely benefit from  manual therapies and elbow strengthening workouts. 

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Causes & Treatment

The major causes of these injuries are

  • The improper grip on the sports equipment
  • Improper usage of muscles
  • Lack of warm-ups
  • Lower muscle strength
  • Wrong range of motion of the hand and
  • No professional help

Triggers of the condition

Both the problems are caused by the epicondyle tendon, when these tendons are overworked it causes the tendon to rupture and become injured from within. Factory workers who handle a lot of weight, javelin throwers, and disc throwers can also get affected by these conditions. Any activity that uses the elbow more often could trigger an injury in the epicondyle tendon, they can benefit from the athletic therapy programs Alberta.

Treatments for Athletes

Ice packs, lymphatic drainage, grip bands, rest, and physiotherapy are the most common treatments for golfers & tennis elbow. While the ice packs and grip bands can aid the condition temporarily.   Lymphatic therapy can improve your body’s rebuilding capacity and help you long term. Tendon injuries are more complex than muscle injuries and will take more time to heal. In most cases, they won’t heal on their own and will need professional support.

Benefits & goals of a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist will assist your elbow with stretches and shoulder strengthening workouts to aid the condition. The shoulders become indirect support to our elbow, strengthening the shoulders could reduce the pressure off our elbow and aid our condition.

If you are suffering from epicondyle rupturing reach our athletic therapy in Edmonton, our physical therapists will stretch your arms in certain ways that promote internal and external rotation to take the pressure off the tendon. This will release the pressure off and you will be asked to rest for a specific time when your epicondyle will heal.

After that, a series of workouts will be suggested to you this will strengthen the supporting muscles to prevent future injuries. If you are suffering from tennis & golfer’s elbow get your elbows to our wise physiotherapists who know about muscle, bone, and joint anatomy. Our athletic therapist in Edmonton will cure your condition and help your elbows perform elite in your upcoming events. 

  1. What does athletic therapy include?

Athletic therapy includes muscle conditioning, treatment for sprains & Strains, rehab for muscle tear, and treatment for muscle, bone, ligament & tendon injury. 

2. What is an athletic therapist called?

An athletic therapist could be also called a sports physio or sports physical therapist. The term mostly doesn’t limit a person to sports physiotherapy. They might also be able to handle vestibular conditions or Motor vehicle accident conditions, Who knows?

Visit our clinic and give physiotherapy a try to get rid of your pains or to enhance your stability or agility. In Step!!!


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