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The nerve pain felt on our glutes, thigh muscles, hamstrings, and calves is mostly due to Sciatica nerve dysfunctioning. The dysfunction is mostly caused due to muscle injury, physical abuse, age, and prolonged sitting. It can make you

  • Feel numb
  • Stabbed
  • Even burned feeling can be felt sometimes


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Since sciatica is a nerve it can make us feel all kinds of sensations and pains. Our sciatica nerve may go through multiple traumas and injuries through our improper sports activities and improper usage of the body. The sciatica nerve starts from our lower back and runs through the glutes and then down the calves. The sciatica is also the longest and thickest nerve of our body and it will be almost the size of our index finger. Five nerves arise from our lower back and merge together to form our sciatica nerve, a cut to this nerve can even cause deathly encounters. If your sciatica nerve is damaged Our Back Pain And Sciatica Physical Therapy Edmonton can rehabilitate it with physical therapy procedures and aid you relief.

Sciatica Dysfunction
  • During the First stage of sciatica dysfunction, the dysfunction self heals with time. The immune system takes over and takes care of it and provide us relief. 
  • The Second stage of sciatica dysfunction is a call for physiotherapy, with multiple levels of in-clinic & home physiotherapy practices we treat you to help you not feel any pains in your body.
  • The Third stage of sciatica dysfunction will lead to permanent nerve damage and the majority of the time it will require surgery.

So it is better to cure sciatica nerve damage when it is in the first or second stage. Our In Step Physical therapy clinic gives Back Pain And Sciatica treatment in Edmonton to aid the patient’s physical ailments and pain conditions.

Can I treat Sciatica nerve dysfunction from home?

Self-healing practices cannot be taken for second-level sciatica damage, it is cautious to show yourself to a physiotherapist to prevent adverse nerve impingement and permanent nerve damage. 

Heal your impinged nerves by getting treated by our professional Back Pain And Sciatica Physical Therapy Edmonton specialists.

To know more about sciatica and back pain treatments read below, you could also find a way to get rid of your sciatica pain by going through our physical therapy practices

Difference Between Back Pain & Sciatica

Sciatica is a network of nerves that begins from our lower back and merges to form two nerves that run in our both legs. Any pain or discomfort caused in the buttocks, thighs or calves region where the sciatic nerve runs could be a sign of Sciatica dysfunction. If you are encountering pain in your lower back, the pain will be felt more on your lower spine. The lower back pains are mostly caused due to bulged discs, ligament strain, arthritis etc. 

Causes of Sciatica dysfunction

Back pain is mostly caused by the impingement of bones & nerves. 5 nerves from our lower back merge and form our sciatic nerve which helps in the sensation & motor activities of our leg. 

  • Nerve impingements 
  • Herniated disk
  • Bone spur 
  • Spinal Stenosis are the major cause of sciatica dysfunction.

Hernia caused in our disc becomes the root cause of sciatica problems. Whenever two bones work in the wrong directions, there comes a chance where a nerve could be held in between, this cuts down the blood flow in the nerve and can cause nerve damage. To escape from such problems read below and get in-depth knowledge. 

Causes of Back pain

The back pain can be caused by a lot of things the main reasons be

  • Prolonged Sitting
  • Over usage of the lower back
  • Improper bending and twisting
  • Bad posture
  • Age
  • Herniated disc 
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica dysfunction
  • Stress
  • Sport injuries
  • Car accidents etc

If Back pain is addressed by our Back Pain And Sciatica Physical Therapy Edmonton physiotherapists they will provide the necessary treatment on curing your back pain. The sessions will be pain-free and will make you feel better. Our back pain Physiotherapists in In Step Physical therapy clinic are Experienced and talented. We Provide cures for multiple problems in the human body which could cause your back pain. Try our Physical Therapy sessions and you will cherish it for the rest of your life. 

Symptoms of Back pain & Sciatica
  • Back pain could easily be identified with a cruciating pain in our lower back, it may range anywhere from mild discomfort to intolerable pain. Drinking adequate water during pain can help you escape from cramps and ease the condition.
  • As we know this thick nerve starts from our lower back and ends at the feet, this is the path our sciatic nerve. Any sensational pain in our lower body could be a sciatica nerve problem.
  • The sciatica symptoms could be experienced with burning sensations in the feet and even numbness along the toes.
  • In certain cases of extreme sciatica, people reported their one leg felt excruciating pain and the other leg felt numb. Ice packs are advised to get immediate relief if you feel the burn & pain, this relief will not last more than certain hours. So get to a sciatica physiotherapist asap.
  • Pain in your legs will increase with every activity you do.
  • The feeling of pin insertion in your toes will happen in some stages of sciatica pain.

Our Service and Cure your Pains!

Treatments for Back Pain And Sciatica Nerve Dysfunction

The best way to cure your nerve damage is to reach out to a physiotherapist, physiotherapists are readily available everywhere in and around Edmonton and Canada. Our In Step physicians will give you the best treatment for back pain and sciatica through manual therapies, stretches, muscle strengthening workouts, home workouts, muscle separators, deep tissue massage, Frequency specific microcurrent therapy, and lymphedema drainage. These are the top treatments in our medical industry for treating sciatica and back pain. Our In Step Physiotherapy has been treating patients and providing results for over 20 years.  All we are saying is that physiotherapists are a gift to our bodies, they have a wide range of treatments according to the discomfort we are experiencing in our bodies. If you want to attend a workshop and gain more knowledge on back pain and sciatica  

Is it better to follow home remedies for curing sciatica

Yes, of course, follow home remedies but consulting with a physician will help you avoid any possible injuries to the lower back while doing the workouts for back pain & sciatica treatment. We all know that sciatica is the biggest nerve in the human body, so anything that happens to it will affect our livelihood and peacefulness. So it is not good to take home remedies for Back pain and sciatica without consulting a physician.  

Forming & maintaining a good posture can take several sessions to come out perfect. If you are new to posture manipulation & training check out this video. Our muscle memory plays a major role in controlling of posture movements, it is stored in our brain which makes every move possible. Our spinal muscles function according to the muscle memory impulse it receives from the brain. To get a good posture you must first fine-tune your muscle memory with new muscle postural data, this will make the muscles follow the new pattern of muscle formation. Don’t hesitate to correct your posture if your spine goes back to your previous posture. Practicing a good posture can be hard at times, but be consistent in your workout sessions and you can see wonderful changes out loud. Breathing exercises, yoga, or any kind of physical activity will also help us to build up a good posture to increase confidence and cure sciatica. The circulatory system also plays a major role in posture rehabilitation.  

The brain is playing major games in our body, from our fixed postures to sciatica pain, everything is experienced in our brain. Our brain feeds on contents from the outside world through the five senses and unconsciously it programs and uses them in necessary situations. So be careful of what you feed yourself and you will see new possible capabilities of your brain, you may face peace and love when you start conditioning your intake. But you may ask how the mind helps my sciatica pain, the answer is all are interconnected within our body. From the growth of our fingernails to our hair, everything is interconnected. Our body has nerves that can go up to forty-five miles, these all go and get connected in our brain forming a huge bundle. This Brain The Huge Bundle controls every circulation in our body from sciatica to all the arteries. More than all, if the brain programs to get rid of the sciatica nerve problem, it will do it much quicker than any exercise. So programming the brain will play a major role in getting rid of your sciatica pain. Try to include affirmations, breathing regulators, healthy food, physiotherapy, and anything that can build you from within.  

How to Stay away from back pain & Sciatica Dysfunction

01.Include Physical movement in your routine

Following a daily routine will help you to lead a healthy life, if you wanna stay away from back pain & Sciatica Dysfunction include any of these in your daily routine.

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Running/ Jogging
  • Physical movements
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Animal flow
  • movements
  • Tai chi

You can select your favorite physical movement and follow it on a daily basis to escape from back pain & Sciatica Dysfunction. 

02.Build Muscles

To easily get away from lower back pain, build abdomen muscles. This is not suggested for older people and people with severe  lower back pain, they must grab immediate medical attention. Building core muscles can be helpful for people who are having mild no physical pains and are already working out. 

The core muscles act as the major balancing system of our body, it makes the spine straight and erect. An erect spine gives lower possibilities for a sciatica nerve impingement or a  lower back pain to happen, this will also improve circulation. Also, a major cause of  lower back pain is due to the subluxation of our spinal joints, these joints collapse onto one another resulting in impingements. Building core muscles will add stability to our spine and stop the nerve impingements by improving our natural levitation. If this happens in our bodies, there are more chances for us to build a healthier lifestyle and live more peacefully along with the environment.

Building muscles will help all our joints to become more stable, and there will be fewer chances for any damage. Also exercising improves our blood flow to all the body parts and organs and hence aids us in producing more immunity.  

03.Healthy foods for Lower back pain

Consumption of healthy food also plays a major role in low back pain, people who experience  severe lower back pain reported having low control over their bowels. Consuming green healthy foods can go easy on our bowels and help us to heal. 

Lymphatic Therapy for Back Pain

Lymphatic Therapy for back pain

Lymphatic Therapy can cure multiple ailments in our body, this includes back pain & sciatica. Lymphatic therapy deals with targeted stimulation of the lymph nodes in our body, this aids in better circulation of the lymph fluid throughout our body. If you are not aware of the treatment you can get multiple information and techniques on Lymphatic therapy. We also provide all types of lymphatic therapies in our clinic.

Lower back pain is not something to be considered normal, if left untreated it can lead to permanent nerve & disc damage and require surgery for cure. There are multiple treatments given by a physiotherapist. You can get identified with the problem and choose your therapeutic solution for a cure. Physiotherapist visits are more pleasurable than many think, try them and you can escape from pains so get used to our service and cure your pains! In Step Physical therapy. 


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