Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Edmonton (MVA)

Were you a victim of a motor vehicle accident? We can help you recover as fast as possible using physical therapy. 

Annually in Canada, millions of motor vehicle accidents occur, which can spur some adverse effects on victims’ mental and physical health.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Physiotherapy Downtown

Victims tend to experience body pain, stiffness as well as injuries around different parts of the body. These injuries can range from whiplash to dislocation or fracture in some cases. However, no matter what conditions they may have led you to, Instep Physical Therapy can help you recover.

If you live in anywhere around downtown Edmonton, and recently had a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in either acute or chronic pain, we can use Physical therapies to help you recover from injuries and go back to normal life. At our clinic, we have a dedicated team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists & Lymphedema therapists who can provide effective whole body therapeutic, conditioning and safe to use cares to address motor vehicle accident injuries in Edmonton. Contact us to book an appointment. We will be happy to help and end your old chapter of pain and begin a new leaf of comfort and peace. 

What do you get in our motor vehicle accident physiotherapy? 

Motor vehicle accident physiotherapy is a therapeutic care administered to patients suffering from a wide array of injuries including whiplash, dizziness & vertigo. our physical body can go through physical disorders due to automobile accidents. It is also referred to as motor vehicle accident rehabilitation. 

When a patient falls victim to this condition, our well-trained physiotherapist will provide necessary assessment & practice to help you rehabilitate, helping you get back to your daily hussle.

Once the stress points in the body are determined, individualized treatment will be designed, adopted, and tailored toward improving one’s physical, mental, emotional, and overall health.

How can physiotherapy help provide relief after sustaining a motor vehicle accident injury? 

Various degrees of injury can be sustained during and after experiencing an automobile accident. In most cases, this could lead to limited shoulder motion, shoulder and back stiffness, headaches or migraine, and other underlying conditions. 

Physical therapy has helped treat patients who had been a victim of car accidents recover as well as prevent long-term side effects. One of the benefits of physiotherapy after an automobile accident is that you may have suffered or sustained an underlying condition that may not appear immediately. By adopting physical therapy treatment, such health threats can be identified before designing a treatment plan that can help improve your strength, enhance your flexibility, and increase your recovery rate. 

When you regularly attend physiotherapy sessions, you begin to experience a positive impact tailored to your goal. This means you will notice a drastic decrease of pain felt as well as other symptoms you had. 

Common Conditions that could occur after a motor vehicle accident

Most of the conditions that may occur following a motor vehicle accident depend on the scale of the incident. However, some of these conditions may easily be noticeable immediately after the accident, while some may likely not appear immediately till after some days or weeks. Some of these conditions include; 

  • Upper and lower extremities pain (arm and leg)
  • Numbness 
  • Whiplash
  • Musculoskeletal injuries 
  • Strains / sprains 
  • Spine cord pain
  • Back and neck pain 
  • Bruising / tenderness 

In some cases, you might not know the exact condition you may be suffering from. However, some of the symptoms to look out for include;

  • Limiting motion in the neck
  • Constant headaches or migraines 
  • Difficulty movement 
  • Prolong fatigue 
  • Pain within the head, neck, and shoulder
  • Tingling around the top parts of the body

If you are experiencing a condition or symptom which is not stated above following your recent experience in a motor vehicle accident, visit our clinic and get to know about your condition. Our physical therapists will help you identify the root cause of your symptoms and other existing underlying conditions. Whether you are experiencing acute or minor pain or limitation in range of motion, we urge you to seek proper and immediate care. We will examine you and design a personalized therapy regimen plan to help you achieve your goal in life and live longer. 

Instep Physical Therapy’s approach in treating injuries caused due to motor vehicle accidents In Edmonton, St Alberta

We know that automobile accidents can negatively affect a patient’s health, which can be shocking and overwhelming. When you experience this situation, there are likelihoods of experiencing minor or major injury immediately after the motor vehicle accident and, in some cases, after some days later. While it can be a lucky escape for some people, they may still develop long-term/ chronic pain. 

Our physical therapy program is designed to help victims of motor vehicle accidents return their body function to normal and achieve the comfort they need, with full flexibility, stability, mobility, and motion range. We use a safe, natural, and non-invasive approach to deliver this treatment successfully to patients. Although some injuries may require invasive surgery, but a physiotherapy regimen can help you avoid it. 

When you arrive at our clinic, our physiotherapists will conduct an assessment check on your health. We will gather necessary information about your health and how the injury happened following the incident. This assessment will help us to identify the exact cause of your condition. Your therapist may use both hands on specific parts of your body to know where you may be feeling pain and discomfort. Also, exercises will as well be introduced to know your mobility limitation and flexibility.  

After that, your physiotherapist will use your assessment outcome to map out a suitable and individualized treatment plan to address your condition and aid your recovery process. Your treatment plan may include exercises, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and ice/heat application to reduce pain and inflammation. Some other therapeutic regimens that may be included are; 

  • Stretching and exercises– To avoid joint stiffness and improve tissue function restoration process 
  • Strengthening activities– This primarily includes specific exercises to help prevent the occurrence of muscle weakness in the back, neck, and other parts of the body. 
  • Education and lifestyle plans– We prioritize educating affected victims on the benefits of abiding by safety precautions and engaging in certain activities to keep the body always fit in order to avoid such conditions both sooner or later.
  • Mobility training– To help patients restore their mobility and ensure proper blood circulation around pains. 
  • Massage therapyTo ensure releasing to tighten and stiff muscles.
  • Home exercises– This helps patients participate in activities such as exercises and stretches specified by the physiotherapist while at home so as to ensure long-term relief, pain-free health, and proper return to physical activities.

We also follow good communication with insurance agencies around Edmonton. Every treatment plan designed by our dedicated team depends on your assessment outcome. You must know that duration of treatment will be determined based on the degree of injury or pain sustained following a motor vehicle accident. 

Benefit of physiotherapy at Instep Physical Therapy after a motor vehicle accident.

  • Reducing pain

Physiotherapy help eradicate pain and provide comfort to patients. When you opt for therapeutic care such as exercises, stretching, and other training, it will improve the pumping and flow of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to affected tissues or parts of the body, which will enhance the healing and recovery process. Every program administered by our physiotherapist is to help you get back on track and live the life you deserve.

  • Eradicate underlying symptoms 

Most patients who sustained a motor vehicle accident injury usually fall victim to vertigo and dizziness symptoms. However, our physiotherapist can treat these conditions effectively. They will work on rehabilitating your dysfunctional vestibular system and improving your general health

  • Restoring function 

Yes, of course, physiotherapy can help you restore affected functions back to normal following a motor vehicle accident injury. Even if you had such an accident in the past, we could still help you recover completely. When you arrive at our clinic, our specialist will use various training and therapeutic approach to help relieve pain and other underlying conditions you might be suffering from. Every physical therapy session with us is safe, non-invasive, and highly effective in helping you achieve optimal function.   

  • Reduces the chances for an invasive treatment

You can avoid undergoing a proposed surgical correction through physiotherapy. Physical therapy in Edmonton can help strengthen weak musculoskeletal structures such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Compared to invasive treatment, this treatment is cost-friendly and can allow you to use your body’s healing mechanism to achieve the comfort you need. 

Are you suffering from pain following a motor vehicle accident? Beginning a treatment plan with us today!

At Instep Physical Therapy, we specialize in providing suitable treatment to patients suffering from pain, injuries, illness, diseases, or ailments. We have the best physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton, with superb team members consisting of physiotherapists and other administrative staff. 

If you live in downtown Edmonton or any surrounding communities and were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident that led to pain, injury, and other conditions, do not hesitate to seek physical therapy treatment at our clinic in downtown Edmonton.  

Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our specialists. They will work closely with you to transform your body to its proper state. Our goal is to ensure you live a pain-free life and recover swiftly from your condition. 

See us today and benefit from a physiotherapy regimen here in Edmonton.