In Step Physical Therapy Edmonton

Serena Weaver


  • Serena completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Brock University.
  • She pursued further education by attending graduate school in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management at Humber College, indicating a commitment to advancing her knowledge and skills in her field.
  • She is a certified personal trainer, demonstrating her expertise in designing and implementing fitness programs for clients.
  • She is also registered under the Alberta Kinesiology Association, indicating that she meets the professional standards set by the association and is recognized as a qualified professional in her field.
  • She has a diverse range of experience working with various populations, including: Athletes, Healthy populations , Firefighters , Individuals with spinal cord injury , Individuals with multiple sclerosis , Acute injury rehabilitation patients.
  • This indicates Serena’s ability to tailor her approach to meet the specific needs and goals of different individuals and groups.
  • She played top-tier hockey during her postsecondary education, suggesting a high level of physical fitness and understanding of the demands of competitive sports.
  • She was also a varsity rower, indicating her involvement in another demanding and disciplined athletic pursuit.
  • Outside of her professional life, Serena enjoys spending time hiking in the Rockies, showcasing her appreciation for outdoor activities and maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • She also enjoys watching her favorite show, Friends, indicating that she values relaxation and leisure time as well.
  • Serena is available only on Mondays