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Recover Faster After Surgery with Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and get Back to Daily Activities ASAP!

Do you want to recuperate from your operation as soon as possible? You are, without a doubt! When preparing for surgery, it’s natural to be anxious about how fast you’ll be able to return to doing all you like. Do you have an upcoming procedure that you’re worried about?

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Edmonton

Allow In Step Physical Therapy to assist you! Fortunately, knowing that you have a post-surgical physiotherapy treatment plan in place might help alleviate some of your anxiety. 

Whether you live in Edmonton or nearby communities and need a post-surgical physiotherapy clinic near you, contact us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our trained physiotherapists at In Step Physical Therapy. They will design a customized treatment plan for your unique needs, allowing you to return to your life as soon as possible!

What is Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a difficult form of physiotherapy that takes place with the participation of patients and physiotherapists to achieve the desired results following surgery. Various surgical procedures such as cardiac, thoracic, orthopedic, neurological, and abdominal surgery is required. After completing surgery with a skilled surgeon, you may follow your physiotherapist’s recommendations to live a healthy life.

Why is physiotherapy treatment better for post surgical recovery 

A successful surgery does not imply that you can return to a healthy lifestyle before entering the operating room.

Postoperative rehabilitation physiotherapy is a form of physiotherapy only available to people who have had orthopedic surgery. Surgical experts frequently encourage patients to receive physiotherapy treatment from attaining better surgical outcomes. Physiotherapists are already aware of the rules recommended by your doctor. Look for a competent physiotherapist that has the skills and experience to help you alter your difficulties through customized rehabilitation programs depending on your unique situation.

Who can get the benefit from Post Surgical Rehabilitation?

Anyone who has had surgery or is suffering pain, muscular weakness, stiffness, restricted mobility, diminished independence, or low exercise tolerance might benefit from postoperative rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Surgery provides advantages, but it may have an impact on your physical and psychological well-being and may be the source of your worry and dissatisfaction. People are usually bored, under pressure, and frustrated. Visiting physiotherapists can assist you; the physiotherapist will give you a comprehensive workout program to help you reach your short and long-term health objectives and optimize your healing potential.

How will Post Surgery Physiotherapy help you?

We have professional and experienced physiotherapists at In Step Physical Therapy who provide a variety of post-surgery therapeutic care to treat and rehabilitate the patient based on their health situation. They will counsel and encourage you during the rehabilitation process and not allow you to experience worry or tension. Their program will lessen your discomfort and swelling while increasing flexibility, mobility, and strength. It will return you to your everyday routines, allowing you to participate in leisure activities and sports.

Various invasive treatments such as spinal and neurological surgery, orthopedic surgery, breast surgery, abdominal and thoracic surgery, obstetric and gynecological surgery, and urological surgery can benefit from post-surgical physiotherapy.

At In Step Physical Therapy provide a wide range of therapeutic techniques to treat and rehabilitate patients from the point of healing to the end of returning to physical activity or sport.

  • Advice and assistance during the many phases of your rehabilitation
  • Scarring, swelling, and pain
  • Mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination are all important.
  • Return to normalcy and independence
  • Resumption of leisure activities, sports, and peak performance
  • Avoid some difficulties and compensating problems.
  • Chest physiotherapy can help with coughing and breathing difficulties.

What can I expect from a post-surgical rehabilitation at In Step Physical Therapy? 

While your doctor may advise you to use pain relievers, physical therapy has been shown to reduce pain without using such medications. Discomfort relievers hide the pain while physiotherapy address the source of the pain. This is accomplished by specialized manual treatment, therapeutic exercises, pain-relieving modalities such as acupuncture or electric stimulation, and, lastly, functional exercise recovery. Our top objective is to get you back to full function.

Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that you continue to live a healthy lifestyle even after your post-surgical rehab therapies are completed. So we’ll talk about any lifestyle and dietary adjustments you may make to improve your long-term health, avoid injury, and eliminate the need for more procedures in the future.

Physical limits may occur in the days and weeks following a surgical operation. Our therapists can advise you on other methods to handle these constraints, such as using crutches to go up and downstairs, putting on clothing, or getting in and out of a car. This can be accomplished using adaptive technologies that adjust for restricted mobility. By making these changes, you will be able to move around more efficiently while also striving to restore your body’s natural range of motion and strength.

What can I gain from a post-surgical rehab plan?

Both pre-and post-surgical rehabilitation is critical components of optimal surgical results. Any surgery may be considered a form of trauma and can have varying effects on the body. Even basic and simple surgical procedures can significantly influence your health. As a result, post-surgical rehab with In Step Physical Therapy therapists is critical to ensuring that everything goes appropriately following your surgery.

Individualized postoperative rehabilitation at In Step Physical Therapy not only reduces pain and speeds up healing, but it can also lower the risk of postoperative complications such as infections, bleeding, blood clots, muscle weakness, inhibiting scar tissue, decreased function, and other factors that can harm your long-term health. Another vital incentive to choose post-surgical rehabilitation is its capacity to help you minimize or eliminate your reliance on prescription pain relievers, especially opioids.

An opioid crisis is presently engulfing the country, affecting people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. According to the CDC, an estimated 115 people die each day from an opioid overdose, and about 29 % of those who are prescribed opioids end up abusing these lethal prescriptions. As a result, the CDC recommends that consumers use physiotherapy treatment instead of pharmaceutical opioids whenever feasible.

Other benefits include:

  • Effective pain treatment
  • Assist you in resuming regular activities.
  • Muscle Strengthening for Weak Muscles
  • Muscle stretches that may have turned stiff
  • Aid you in returning to your previous level
  • Increasing your posture
  • Regain your autonomy.
  • Reduce any nervousness you may be feeling and recover your confidence.
  • Exercising to increase circulation and range of motion
  • Assist in the removal of secretions, the expansion of lung capacities, and the prevention of chest infections.
  • Provide advice on proper placement to improve comfort and limit the incidence of pressure sores.
  • Phases of Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Three phases of Post Surgical Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Postsurgical physiotherapy is divided into three stages: after being discharged from the hospital and continuing until all of your body functions are restored to normal.

Physiotherapy in the early recovery phase

The phase begins after you are discharged from the hospital and ends with healing your tissues. At this period, the major objective of physiotherapy is to alleviate discomfort and edema. Simple workouts are performed during this period to restore muscular function without interfering with the healing process. Physiotherapists use mild manual treatment to restore joint mobility and aid patients with early walking, and prescribe walkers or canes with instructions on how to use them.

Physiotherapy in Strength and Range of motion phase

After the initial phase, your joints will be able to move, and you will be free of discomfort and swelling. Then comes the strength and range of motion phase, which aims to normalize your body’s mechanics and strength. During this phase, you will regain mobility through soft tissue therapy. Physiotherapists will propose rigorous workouts during this period and introduce some balance and proprioception challenges. This phase will also include challenging manual treatment to regain complete joint range of motion.

Physiotherapy in Functional Restoration Phase

This is the final step of your postoperative rehabilitation physiotherapy, which will begin once you have gained adequate strength for demanding exercises and have regained independent mobility. Physiotherapists will design an exercise regimen for you during this time. This regimen differs from individual to person, based on their lifestyle and physical requirements. Physiotherapists ensure that the training program is completely tailored to your specific physical goals. The program is unique since one individual participates in professional sports and has different physical desires than the one who wants to play with his children. As a result, the exercise regimen should be tailored to the patient’s objectives. During this phase, physiotherapists will assist you in doing increasingly difficult and tricky balancing, and proprioception exercises specifically intended to accomplish a complex functional goal.

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