Why going to a physical therapist after child birthing should be your next move?

Most women hardly visit a physical therapist after childbirth to receive standardized care, which is very important. During pregnancy, a woman’s body tends to experience a natural phase of dysfunction such as increased weight, posture change, ligament laxity, the center of gravity shifting outward, rapid uterus growth, and a baby kick from the womb.

Physical therapy can help you avoid living with postpartum conditions for a longer time. Some women suffer from postmenopausal prolapse simply because they failed to strengthen their core well after childbirth through rehabilitation programs. 

Restoring your body to normal function and a healthy state is a long-term investment. Physical therapy in Edmonton can guide you towards achieving this. Contact In Step physical therapy to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist before and after your delivery.

Here are some of the reasons while as a pregnant woman you should consider seeing a physical therapist after childbirth include;

  1. Lower post-child delivery effect– Pregnancy and child delivery stages often take an inevitable impact on a woman’s body. Irrespective of how a woman delivers, we all know that something quite large is pushed out through a relatively small hole that expands.

Normally, most of us believe that once a child is born, we should place more focus on and care for that child. However, we know that a six-week checkup will be done during the post-pregnancy stage. This checkup is not really sufficient for postpartum care. Physical therapy will concentrate on providing adequate postpartum care, strengthening a woman’s core and pelvic floor to lower the pain or effect after delivery.

  1. Limit the physical struggles experienced after childbirth– After child delivery, a woman experiences a generalized core breakdown, and if not properly addressed, various struggles are set to happen. Some of these breakdowns include painful sexual intercourse, rectal pain, organ prolapse, back pain, and other lingering issues.

Most of these conditions do cause physical limitations during the post-pregnancy stage. For instance, after delivering a baby, a woman can suffer from severe conditions such as vaginal heaviness, fecal incontinence(which is classified as stage four tears or episiotomies), and others. With therapeutic approaches, such conditions can be treated effectively.

Is it possible to perform pelvic rehabilitation like rehabbing dislocated knee or shoulder injury?

Of course, yes!!!

At In Step physical therapy, when a patient opts for a pelvic rehabilitation program, our physical therapist will discuss and describe the pelvic floor and equate it to a genuine condition in order to ensure the patient understands their condition.

A perfect description we can use is relating your pelvic floor with your hamstring. At the arm, there is a bicep that enables the working and proper functionality of your arm. However, you can see how it works, but you cannot see how it performs its functions for the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is conical in shape and aids various movements as well as stability for the body. It functions differently from other muscles groups. Apart from pulling, squeezing, lifting, and contracting muscles, the pelvic floor is responsible for other essential body functions. So, if the pelvic floor is negatively affected, it takes a toll on other parts of the body.

Rehabilitating the pelvic floor can be great and challenging. Before we proceed with any treatment plan, our therapist will inform the patient of the steps they are about to take, where their hands will be placed, and the possible feedback signal or sensation they may get. If a postpartum mother is not comfortable with the internal assessment and treatment, our physical therapist can recommend another rehabilitation process to assess the pelvic floor structure as well as treat it.

Seek proper care after child birthing at instep physical therapy

Globally pelvic physical therapy has been recognized to be standardized postpartum care in most countries. You might not know much about pelvic health rehab, but it is very important after child birthing as a woman.

If you are looking for a nearby health facility to seek this rehabilitation program and you are in Edmonton, contact us now to book an appointment. Whether you are experiencing sex pain, pelvic pain, painful peeing, or abnormal scarring, our physical therapist can help you achieve a normal life and live comfortably as you do before.

So, let your next move be visiting a physical therapist after child birthing!!!