Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Edmonton, Canada -2023

The pelvic floor muscles are often neglected, these muscles are located between the tailbone and pubic bone within the pelvis. These muscles support the bowel and bladder in men and women, they also support the vagina and uterus in women. These muscles have to function well to support your internal organs, if these muscles become weak, you will be unable to control urine and faeces.

A common reason for weakened pelvic floor among women is pregnancy, childbirth, and prostate cancer, in men, it is most commonly obesity and the associated straining of chronic constipation.

How do I know I have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? 

The common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are,

  • Bulging or sagging in the vaginal opening 
  • Inability to hold till you reach the toilet 
  • Leaking urine while sneezing, coughing, laughing, or running 
  • Passing wind while bending, lifting, or any strenuous activity 
  • Lack of sensation and feeling of heaviness in the vagina 
  • Tampons fall out or get dislocated
  • Frequently suffering from urinary tract infections 
  • A heaviness or dragging sensation in the pelvis or back 
  • Pain while having sex and inability to experience orgasm 

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common problem among men and women but it’s predominant in women, in this, the person is not able to coordinate the muscles in the pelvic floor. A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Edmonton can help you in reducing pelvic pain and improve the strength, control, and functioning of the pelvic floor muscles. At In Step Physical Therapy, we include a variety of techniques, strategies, and exercises that can help alleviate your symptoms.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Edmonton for Women

With Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, you can now stop these leaks, shorten your recovery period and enjoy womanhood, the way it’s supposed to be.

From understanding pregnancy history to bio-cycles to social and emotional factors, In Step Physical Therapy South Edmonton goes above and beyond to ensure that the treatment for each woman is specifically targeted toward her unique problem.

Our Pelvic Floor specialists in Edmonton are highly experienced and dedicated to delivering rehabilitation treatments that help patients in achieving maximum function. Our evidence-based exercises and therapies can help you strengthen your pelvic floor and minimize or eliminate urinary and bowel difficulties, back pain, and other symptoms. 

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Edmonton for men

Male pelvic health has fallen behind in research and recognition of pelvic floor muscle problems, it has not received the importance it needs leaving men confused, isolated, and searching for answers. If you’ve been battling pelvic issues silently, we urge you to come forward! These problems don’t improve on their own and it is definitely not something you have to ‘just put up with’!

If you experience painful bowel movements, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, or post-prostate surgery complications, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help alleviate symptoms. 

In Step Physical Therapy in Downtown Edmonton, 

  • you can expect a comprehensive examination of your issue during your initial appointment.
  • In addition to a physical examination, you will complete a thorough questionnaire and get instructions about your bladder and how to prevent leaks. We will work directly with you to understand the procedure at every stage.
  • Treatment may involve pelvic floor exercises, Pilates-based abdominal muscle strengthening workouts, neural mobilizations, new breathing and relaxation techniques, and other activities.
  • Our facility guarantees the seclusion you deserve while dealing with such a private matter, and our caring staff will assure your comfort throughout each visit.

In Step Physical Therapy has been supporting sports persons to stay fit, in Downtown Edmonton for 16 years. Contact us now at (587) 409-1754  or mail us at info@instepphysio.ca